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Journeys are important at Halfords. Whether it is the journey a customer goes on in their stores or how their team members travel around the premises, Halfords needed to bring their employees and customers closer together.

Established in 1892 as ironmongers, Halfords has evolved into the UK’s premier retailer of motoring, cycling, and leisure products. Holding a substantial one-third share of the UK bicycle market, the company has expanded with 465 new sites since 2010.

In response to the challenges of growth and the need to enhance customer experience, Halfords sought to invest in a robust communications system. With most stores having a considerable footprint and auto fitters working outdoors, VoCoVo emerged as the solution to facilitate seamless communication, coordinate against theft, and expedite customer query resolutions.


The Challenge

Halfords’ continuous growth presented challenges:

  • Lack of reliable communication between shop floor colleagues and auto fitters.
  • The potential increase in theft with expansion.
  • Declining customer experience due to noisy tannoys and expanded store areas.

Communication Blockers
The traditional walkie-talkie system proved ineffective for auto fitters operating outside, requiring them to interrupt tasks and enter the store to communicate.

Theft Prevention
Rapid expansion increased the risk of theft, prompting Halfords to seek a confidential means of raising alarms without resorting to disruptive tannoy announcements.

Customer Experience
With more colleagues and larger stores, Halfords aimed to maintain excellent customer service by reducing queues and speeding up assistance requests.


The Solution

To address these challenges, VoCoVo headsets attached to VoCoVo’s Enterprise voice solution infrastructure, including Customer Call Points, were implemented in every store.

Vocovo Go Wireless Headset

Headsets for Natural Communication and Theft Prevention
VoCoVo Headsets with full-duplex speech technology revolutionize communication, allowing colleagues to engage in natural, two-way conversations. This has proven instrumental in preventing theft and improving team collaboration.

Vocovo Call Points

Call Points for Streamlined Customer Service
Call Points at self-service stations enable customers to request assistance at the touch of a button, facilitating quicker responses from team members working in different areas.


The Results

Colleagues at Halfords can now communicate with one another, assist customers, and perform basic tasks such as stock checks using their VoCoVo Headsets. Instead of leaving customers to seek assistance from a more experienced colleague, team members are addressing inquiries and solving problems immediately, creating a seamless experience for both parties.

The use of VoCoVo headsets eliminates dependence on Wi-Fi, ensuring consistent connectivity and smooth communication, whether working indoors on the shop floor or installing parts on customer vehicles outside.

And with reduced theft incidents, team members also feel more secure, as they maintain constant connectivity regardless of their location.

  • Efficient and motivated team members. Teams can share expertise, get instant answers, and check stock without leaving customers waiting.
  • Improved customer service and shorter queues. Faster assistance through Call Points, reduced queuing times, and fewer tannoy announcements contribute to enhanced customer satisfaction.
  • Reduced losses and safer stores. Individual team members can discreetly coordinate to prevent theft, resulting in safer stores and reduced weekly losses.
  • Phasing out of tannoy announcements. Shoppers can explore, make purchases, and engage in conversations with staff without disruption from irrelevant public address announcements. Additionally, enhanced security measures ensure that all team communications remain confidential.


Growth Opportunities

Halfords plans to integrate VoCoVo headsets with their telephone system for handling customer calls and providing updates from Head Office. This move aims to further streamline the customer experience and marks a significant step towards seamless communication.

In conclusion, VoCoVo has empowered Halfords with an informed and connected workforce, enabling upselling, building customer trust, and enhancing security. For businesses navigating growth challenges, VoCoVo stands as a valuable solution.


Hear from Halfords Management:

“VoCoVo allows us to work on customers’ cars outside, whilst still being fully connected to the rest team. It’s completely changed the way we work.”

Tom James | Store Manager


VoCoVo helps retailers to bring employees and customers closer together

As VoCoVo’s authorised UK distributor, Syndico and a has vast experience in helping teams to be better connected through communication technology. VoCoVo is hugely popular among retail businesses – both large and small – by providing simple and effective team communication while helping staff to be focus more on the customer.

If you would like to learn more about VoCoVo – whether you are a communications reseller looking to bring VoCoVo to your customers, or a business looking to implement a VoCoVo solution – contact us today!

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