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Shaw’s Fish & Chips have been proudly serving the people of Barnsley since 1979. In that time, the team at Shaw’s have always maintained a first-class standard of service and high quality food. But delivering first-class service time and time again has “had its challenges”, says owner Mike Shaw.

According to Shaw, “a noisy kitchen environment and noisy front of house meant that chefs and customer service had to shout to each other over equipment to communicate. This impacted on our customers’ experience as they could hear all of this noise.”

For many food and drink outlets, team communication can make a significant difference when it comes to staff efficiency, customer satisfaction and queue management. Businesses like Shaw’s, however, often struggle to find the right solution which stands up to their durability needs yet is lightweight and simple to use.

Before his team’s communication issues came to a head, Shaw approached communications Speak-IT Solutions to recommend an appropriate solution. After an initial consultation, the team at Speak-IT recommended VoCoVo wireless team communication headsets.


Shaw’s Fish and Chips: Project Overview

Vocovo Go Base Unit with headset

Shaw’s chose VoCoVo GO as their communication solution. VoCoVo GO is a simple yet highly effective plug-and-play solution which helps teams to communicate quickly and discreetly across the entire premises.

The challenge: implement a solution that allows colleagues to communicate effectively in a noisy service environment, driving staff efficiency and positive customer service.

Key requirements:

  • High quality audio
  • Seamless team communication
  • Plug-and-play usability
  • Minimise unnecessary noise
  • A rugged yet lightweight solution which can be used hands-free

The solution: VoCoVo GO system.


A simple and stylish solution for faced-paced settings

Many hospitality businesses experience the same struggles that Shaw’s did. However, searching for an appropriate solution which is not overly complicated and falls within their limited budgets for technology can be challenging.

VoCoVo systems come with all the hardware you need out of the box, making them great for teams who need to stay connected over wide areas. They are also scalable, allowing communication capabilities to be expanded in line with customer requirements and business growth.

VoCoVo systems are popular with shops, restaurants, garden centres, car dealerships, conference venues, gyms, production sites and even care homes — wherever there’s potential to bring teams together and give customers a better experience.

Since implementing VoCoVo headsets, the team at Shaw’s have been able to communicate more effectively than ever before in a noisy and fast-paced kitchen environment.

VoCoVo is highly compatible with hospitality businesses like Shaw’s because of its simple plug-and-play functionality, low cost per user and comfortable, stylish wearability. Since implementing VoCoVo, members of the Shaw’s team can effectively communicate across the whole premises in full duplex (two-way) at the touch of a button without shouting or running back-and-forth.


“The VoCoVo system is simple, easy to use and works brilliantly. The team at Speak-IT Solutions are very knowledgeable and supplied us with a great product. It has totally stopped all the shouting, it’s fantastic!”

Mike Shaw – Owner, Shaw’s Fish and Chips


VoCoVo helps hospitality businesses to drive efficiency and deliver exceptional customer service

The decision to implement VoCoVo made a significant difference to the entire team at Shaw’s and, as a result, the experience their customers enjoy when they visit.

If you’d like to learn more about VoCoVo headsets for hospitality teams, please contact us today!

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