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VoCoVo Retail Communication Headsets

VoCoVo retail communication headsets boost staff efficiency, improve customer service and tackle theft and antisocial behaviour by improving colleague communication in-store.

Why is communication so important in retail?

In an environment as dynamic as a retail store, effective and proactive communication between colleagues can make a huge difference to customer experience. From answering questions faster to allowing staff to work more flexibly depending on customers’ needs, it’s no secret that colleagues work better together when they can communicate well.

Customer story: NISA Local

NISA Local stores across the UK use VoCoVo to promote effective teamwork, drive efficient working practices and deliver excellent customer service. And thanks to integration with third-party intelligence platform Shelfie, colleagues can receive instant and discreet real-time notifications of suspicious customer activity straight to their headset.

How effectively do your teams communicate?

Fast and clear inter-colleague communication can go a long way in making the in-store experience smoother and more enjoyable for customers and in making the business operate more profitably and efficiently.

  • How productive is communication between colleagues?
  • How long does it take to find the right colleague to speak to?
  • How much distance is covered when walking to find a colleague?

VoCoVo helps colleagues to save time and work more efficiently by keeping them in constant communication. VoCoVo headsets are lightweight and discreet, simple to use and can quickly become part of the uniform.

Discover VoCoVo headsets for retail team communication

VoCoVo headsets are sleek and stylish, and allow retail colleagues to communicate instantly and discreetly across the entire premises. No more looking for a teammate, no more shouting, and no more tannoy announcements.

VoCoVo headsets help colleagues to resolve customer queries faster, ensure staff feel happier and safer at work and allow them to deal more proactively with theft and antisocial behaviour.

Vocovo Go Base Unit with headset


Plug-and-play headset communication system for up to 29 users. Great for retail colleagues to communicate instantly and clearly across the shop floor on one open talk group.

Vocovo Go Plus

VoCoVo GO+

Plug-and-play headset communication system. Great for retail colleagues to communicate instantly and clearly across the shop floor with added customer call point functionality.

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