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Valli Forecourts, a long-standing family-owned business in Leeds, West Yorkshire, traces its roots back to 1993 when brothers Haroon and Farook entered the commission operator arena with Margram, Shell, and Esso.

In 2002, BP’s decision to divest some of its network led to the establishment of Valli Forecourts, initially acquiring four sites and expanding to six within months.

Today, Valli Forecourts manages a diverse portfolio of 16 petrol forecourts and convenience stores. The company embarked on an ambitious investment program in 2008, demolishing and reconstructing most sites into modern, spacious fuel retail outlets featuring up to 3,000 sq ft of space, ample parking, and popular food-to-go options like Subway and Costa Coffee.


Addressing known challenges within retail

Despite several profitable years, Valli Forecourts grappled with common challenges in the retail market. Seeking greater efficiency, the company aimed to address issues related to security, time management, stock replenishment, and team communication.

Valli Forecourts manages a portfolio of petrol forecourts and convenience stores in and around West Yorkshire.

Valli Forecourts set out specific requirements to tackle security, time management, and stock replenishment challenges, recognizing the potential negative impact on the business if not addressed.

The key requirements included:

  • Enabling staff to work more flexibly and respond promptly
  • Driving productivity in Valli stores
  • Resolving customer issues efficiently
  • Reducing in-store challenges such as queue times, losses, and complaints.

To overcome these hurdles, Valli Forecourts turned to 2826 Ltd for a solution and found the answer in VoCoVo‘s leading retail S4 headsets.


“A noticeable increase in efficiency”

Following a successful trial in two stores, Valli Forecourts implemented VoCoVo headsets across all 13 sites.

The rollout included VoCoVo “GO” 5 user systems and an IP20 Base unit for complete coverage across both an entire site, including store and forecourt. The headset system facilitated swift colleague communication, multitasking, and enhanced in-store visibility to minimize losses.

Vocovo Go Base Unit with headset

Valli Forecourts invested in VoCoVo headsets to help their team communicate across the entire premises – from the store to the petrol forecourt. VoCoVo headsets are lightweight and stylish, making communication discreet and simple for colleagues.

The immediate impact of VoCoVo’s voice technology was evident in-store, with colleagues feeling safer, more connected, and experiencing simplified team communication. Customers also benefited in the form of shorter wait times and better responsiveness, resulting in a noticeable enhancement in service quality. VoCoVo headsets seamlessly integrated into the sales team’s uniform, reflecting their essential role in Valli Forecourts’ operations.


“The VoCoVo headsets have brought a noticeable increase in efficiency at Valli Forecourts. With prompt support for colleagues, they improve customer service by reducing response times without causing disruptions to other tasks. Quick communication among colleagues also leads to fewer incidents of shoplifting and allows for swift solutions in difficult situations.

“These headsets are not only easy to set up and use, but they also look professional and, most importantly, are incredibly comfortable for long shifts. Overall, the VoCoVo headsets have had a hugely positive impact on communication, organisation, and productivity at Valli Forecourts. It’s been a thoroughly positive experience for everyone involved!”

Yunus Valli | Valli Forecourts


VoCoVo helps forecourt retailers to boost communication and efficiency

The decision to implement VoCoVo headsets across all stores underscores Valli’s significant improvements in efficiency and operations.

If you’d like to learn more about VoCoVo headsets for retail teams, please contact us today!

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