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Zebra Workforce Connect is now compatible with SMC Gateway

Syndico & SMC Gateway

Syndico and SMC Gateway have teamed up to further build on the functionality of Workforce Connect, Zebra’s network push-to-talk application.

SMC Gateway is a popular product in the professional mobile radio (PMR) market thanks to its innovative, smart method of allowing different technologies to communicate. It is best known for integrating paging, two-way radio, fire and intruder alarms and web applications to help businesses and institutions work smarter and more efficiently.

Zebra Workforce Connect allows users to communicate instantly and clearly at the touch of a button using various smart devices. Using Workforce Connect, businesses can be far better connected for improved collaboration, safety and profitability both inside and outside the “four walls” by utilising both public (LTE) and private (businesses-owned Wi-Fi) to communicate.

Thanks to the extra functionality provided by SMC Gateway, businesses will now be able to link even more systems to boost internal communication. These additional features will allow users to connect Workforce Connect to physical, on-site systems for audio and messaging.

The latest SMC Gateway (V2) will offer the following features when used with Workforce Connect:

• Send messages to Workforce Connect user groups.
• Play pre-recorded audio to Workforce Connect groups and individual users.
• Receive audio from Workforce Connect.
• Send audio to Workforce Connect.
• Connect the Gateway’s existing modules to Workforce Connect.

Typical use cases for SMC Gateway and Zebra Workforce Connect integration:

• Play pre-recorded audio to users and groups in the event of a trigger such as an evacuation notice. Users are able to call the Gateway and have it record the audio to be played back to Workforce Connect groups.
• Connect DMR to Workforce Connect for audio to interconnect DMR radios with Workforce Connect, enabling two-way voice communication.
• Connect DMR to Workforce Connect for messaging, emergencies and man-down alerts.
• Connect building management systems (BMS), fire alarms and intruder alarms to Workforce Connect to receive alarm, fault and other messages and apply business logic.
• Connect physical on-site sensors and Scada systems to Workforce Connect to monitor plant and equipment with the Gateway. Send audio and/or text alerts to Workforce Connect in the event of a specified trigger, such water level, leak detection or contact closure.


Want to learn more?

Integrating Workforce Connect, one of the leading broadband push-to-talk applications on the market, with external smart technologies presents a significant opportunity for businesses to take their communication, efficiency, safety and profitability to new levels.

To learn more, speak to our Enterprise Mobility Brand Manager Matthew Lovering today on 01489 287 287 or via

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