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Zebra Mobile Communications Partner Summit – 25th May 2021

Syndico is pleased to be participating in Zebra Technologies’ Mobile Communications Summit on 25th May 2021.


At the summit, Syndico will contribute to round-table discussions and industry insights designed to help partners understand the evolving position of the push-to-talk market and share best practices which can be adopted when embracing new, improved technology solutions.

The summit will cover the following areas:

  • Two worlds coming together – smartphones and two-way radios, colliding or complimenting?
  • An industry perspective – the landscape of the mobile communications market (panel discussion)
  • Case study – how is wide-area PTT being used today?
  • Live demo – what is possible with a wide-area PTT application?

Zebra Infographic

For partners in the professional communications space, the addition of a wide-area push-to-talk solution is hugely beneficial for their business.

The ability to communicate on-the-go over wide areas is an opportunity for organisations to gain an advantage over their competitors. Although many of these users are already well versed in push-to-talk communication, their existing systems are limited in terms of talk range.

And for many businesses, workers carrying multiple devices is not an option – why carry a radio, smartphone and scanner when you can roll the functionality of all 3 into one?


Introducing Zebra Technologies

“You may not always see Zebra, but Zebra solutions can be found working behind the scenes in many industries around the world.”

There is a growing focus on ensuring front-line mobile workers are equipped with effective mobile communications tools. Organisations are now able to use technology to boost efficiency, tighten worker safety and empower their teams to work more flexibly than ever before.

Zebra Technologies

Zebra Touch Computers are popular around the world due to their exceptional quality and broad range of features. Pictured: TC52x and TC57x.

Zebra is a global specialist in equipping businesses with hardware and software platforms to be more productive and efficient. Thanks to their various innovations, Zebra make it easy to be data-driven – something which small and medium sized businesses may perceive as not achievable to them.

The ability for a workforce to be unified with instant and reliable communication is a key factor in achieving present-day operational success. Although many businesses don’t know it, the benefits of push-to-talk communication could give them a competitive advantage.


Zebra Workforce Connect – the push-to-talk app for businesses

Zebra’s push-to-talk application, Workforce Connect, allows a business to unify their entire workforce with instant push-to-talk communication, no matter where team members are in the country.

An app which runs on any iPhone, Android phone or Windows 10 PC, Workforce Connect sends instant push-to-talk voice, video and text messages over public (4G, 5G) or private (Wi-Fi) networks. As long as a device is connected to a network, it can receive messages.

In key market sectors such as transport, logistics, warehousing and healthcare, businesses already employing wide-area push-to-talk solutions are ahead in terms of efficiency, accuracy, customer service and worker safety.

PTT Smart Devices

Workforce Connect runs on any iPhone, Android smartphone or PDA or Windows 10 PC. The fewer devices a worker has to carry the better -Workforce Connect harnesses the features and functions of multiple devices into one. Click here to learn more.

Workforce Connect is a device-agnostic application – you can use it either on a newly purchased or existing device. It is also a Google Material Design application, which means the user experience is seamless and smooth and is instantly familiar to users of consumer devices, requiring virtually no training to use.

And thanks to these key features, it’s quick easy to get a workforce communicating effectively:

  • create as many talk groups as you need;
  • easy over-the-air programming and fleet management;
  • real-time location with Google/iOS maps;
  • replay voice messages if you miss them (Android only).


Looking for more information on Zebra Workforce Connect?

To register for Zebra’s partner summit, please click here.

If you’re interested in Zebra Workforce Connect or enterprise mobility solutions in general, speak to Matthew Lovering today by calling him on 01489 287 287, sending him an email or booking a meeting with him.

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