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Introducing Hytera HR655 – the highly flexible, powerful and reliable next-generation DMR repeater

HR655 Powerful Radio

Hytera have announced the latest addition to their H Series of next-generation DMR terminals, the HR655 repeater.

HR655 replaces the very popular RD625, which was recently discontinued. The latest model brings a host of features and assets to narrowband communications users everywhere, allowing them to communicate more flexibly and reliably than ever before.


Highly Reliable

Highly reliable
HR655 can run either on AC mains power or by using its integrated 12.5Ah battery. The battery can act as a backup power supply in case of mains outage, or it can independently power the unit for up to 9 hours of standard operation. Thanks to its rugged build (with IP rating of either IP54 or IP67 available), HR655 can be safely used in various inside and outside locations.




Flexible Deployment

Flexible deployment
HR655 is easy to install and deploy in numerous ways. It can be fixed to a wall or permanent surface, or it can be carried using its bespoke backpack accessory. It can also operate in “dynamic” analogue/digital mixed-mode, repeating based on the method of the call it receives – ideal for users transitioning from analogue to digital technology.




Extended Coverage

Extended coverage

HR655 is great as a stand-alone repeater, or it can form an integral part of a network of repeaters connected via IP. Connecting repeaters wirelessly can easily and flexibly extend the coverage of your narrowband radio network, ensuring that tall buildings, wide areas and multi-campus sites can achieve total coverage.




Hytera HR655 can easily be regarded as the best value DMR repeater on the market today. When they choose HR655, businesses are getting the best and safest return for their investment by investing in adaptable and flexible infrastructure.

To learn more about HR655, visit our HR655 product page or contact Gareth Jones today on 01489 287 287 or

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