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Hytera HR655


RRP: from £1,700.00 | €1,996.00

HR655 is a rugged, powerful and totally flexible DMR repeater which can be used either as a fixed or portable unit – part of Hytera’s next-generation H Series of DMR terminals. Whether mounted to a wall and powered by mains supply or carried in a backpack powered by battery, HR655 can connect radio users better than ever before with greater flexibility.

HR655 boasts some smart features which add genuine value to a communications system. The internal battery can be used to power the unit for up to 9 hours, and acts as a backup in case of mains supply failure. It can also operate in dynamic mixed mode between analogue and digital, switching based on the call type it receives.

Hytera H Series radios from Hytera are the next-generation range of digital radio communication products from the leading professional communications manufacturer in the world. H Series radios boast some of the most advanced features on the market, delivering unparalleled value to users who need it the most. Click here to learn more.


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Flexible deployment
HR655 delivers exceptional performance despite its compact, lightweight design. HR655 can be installed by mounting on a wall or placing on a surface, or carried in a backpack. This makes HR655 the go-to DMR repeater for all applications, both static and dynamic, delivering reliable and trustworthy voice and data communications across boosted geographical ranges – both vertically and horizontally.

IP multi-site connect
HR655 can interlink with other Hytera repeaters via IP to create a DMR network boosted to variable requirements with widened talk range. Perfect for high-rise buildings or wide campuses, HR655 delivers stable and powerful signal to every corner of a site. And because it is so flexible to deploy, HR655 is a safe investment to ensure communications infrastructure can be easily tailored to changing business requirements.

High reliability
HR655 can operate either using AC power source or battery power from its internal 12.5Ah battery. The battery allows the repeater to be used as a portable unit, carried in its bespoke backpack accessory, and also acts as a backup power source in case of AC power failure. HR655 can operate for up to 9 hours on battery power, giving users the reliability they need in case the worse happens and removing the requirement for additional power supply infrastructure.

Smooth transition
Not only can HR655 operate in both analogue and digital modes, it can also operate in “dynamic” mixed digital/analogue mode which switches between modes based on the call it receives. HR655 is therefore a great option for users with legacy analogue terminals which also future-proofs their communication system as it transitions to solely digital technology.

Convenient management
HR655’s status can be monitored in real time using Hytera’s XNMS (Extended Network Management System) in real-time. Its configuration can be updated in a matter of minutes, reducing the resource needed for managing repeater terminals often spread out across different locations.

Long battery life
Thanks to its built-in 12.5Ah battery, HR655 can power itself independently of AC power supply for up to 9 hours at a RF power output of 10W. It can also power itself for several hours at higher operational capacity; for example, it can deliver 4 hours of operation on a 50% duty cycle operating at 25W full power.

Low Power 1/10W, DMR Tier II Conventional with internal battery. IP67, no fan. VHF (136 – 174 MHz) or UHF (400 – 470 MHz).

High Power 1/25W, DMR Tier II Conventional with internal battery. IP54, with fan. VHF (136 – 174 MHz) or UHF (400 – 470 MHz).

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