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5 things you need to know about GC550, Hytera’s latest Body Camera

Hytera have recently announced their latest body camera – the GC550 mini 2K body cam.

A highly established and reputable brand for communication products, Hytera introduced their first body camera, the VM685, in 2018. Hytera body cameras are popular for several reasons, including their rugged build quality and superior camera technology.

Hytera body cams are also popular with existing users of Hytera two-way radios, who have been able to integrate body cameras with their operations using a brand they already know and trust.

Their latest body camera, the GC550, has got us very excited for quite a few reasons – here are 5 things we think you should know about.


It’s a standalone body camera

Unlike other Hytera body worn cameras which have integrated push-to-talk (PTT) functionality, GC550 is a standalone body camera.

Body cameras with integrated PTT functionality are incredibly useful, and can help users to be more efficient by essentially converge a bodycam and a two-way radio into one unit instead of carrying two devices. The drawback for users who simply need a bodycam, however, is that they may not get the best value for money.

Hytera GC550’s entry level model with 32GB integrated memory costs just £240.00 RRP, with the 64GB version costing £270.00 (both ex. VAT). All-things-considered, GC550 is one of the most competitively-priced body cameras in the UK market today.

Hytera GC550 is a compact yet powerful mini body camera which is ideal for a range of security applications.


It’s compact yet incredibly powerful

Hytera GC550’s size is remarkable – it weighs just 115g, and is just 73mm tall. For context, Apple’s 2nd Generation AirPods weigh 61g when in their charge case, and the case itself is 60.6mm wide.

Its size and weight is important for two reasons. Firstly, because it’s so lightweight and compact it is effortless to carry for security officers who need to be dynamic and responsive to quickly emerging situations. But equally as important, it doesn’t compromise on features and performance despite its size.

A size comparison between a Hytera GC550 body camera and Apple AirPods Pro.

GC550 comes with all the features you would expect from a Hytera body camera, including pre-and post-record and 9 hour battery life. However, it goes above and beyond the competition in two key areas:

  • Redundancy features – GC550 has an internal battery backup which can power the unit for up to 5 minutes if the battery is removed, and batteries are hot-swappable. In addition, its “data airbag” function ensures recordings are saved in time upon sudden impact.
  • 2K resolution – despite its incredibly compact form factor, GC550 can record video in stunning 2K resolution. It also has a 120 degrees field of view, ensuring that even incidents in peripheral vision can be captured.



In the heat of the moment, it’s important that security officers can easily start recording when required.

Some body cameras rely on a button press to commence recording, however GC550 has an intuitive “slide-to-record” function which is both simple to use and highly reliable.

Hytera’s GC550 body camera has an intuitive slide-to-record function which helps users to ensure they never miss critical evidence.

Also equipped with Hytera’s “pre-record” feature which keeps up to 30 seconds of footage in the camera’s short-term memory prior to the record switch being activated, using Hytera GC550 ensures that you won’t miss anything.


It’s great in low-light conditions

You can’t control where situations are going arise and therefore what the conditions for capturing video are like. For this reason, Hytera GC550 is equipped with infrared night vision sensors for enhanced video quality in low-light conditions.

Its infrared camera combined with its compact yet powerful design makes it ideal for security applications like retail store security and door staff.


It’s compatible with KlickFast

Hytera GC550 comes with a 360 degree swivel clip as standard, which makes it easy to wear and find the best recording angle. GC550 is also compatible with KlickFast, and can be purchased with an additional KlickFast stud (RSTUDKF08, RRP £8.50 ex. VAT).

KlickFast is widely considered the “gold standard” among security users thanks to its versatility and reliability. No matter the uniform, it’s easy to wear the GC550 camera with it.



If you’d like to learn more about GC550 body camera, please contact us today on 01489 287 287 or email To learn more about Hytera’s range of body camera solutions, please visit our Hytera body cameras webpage.

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