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Hytera launches 4 new ranges of next-generation communication terminals

Hytera has announced the launch of 4 new product ranges across its DMR, analogue, licence-free and LTE categories.

Since the launch of the next-generation H Series of DMR radios in late 2021, Hytera has been systematically refreshing product ranges across key categories. These updates have unlocked new technological advancements to benefit users by delivering improved battery performance, increased sensitivity, greater transmission range, AI-based noise reduction, more rugged build and enhanced usability.

We are delighted to introduce four new product ranges from Hytera – available to order now from Syndico.

Hytera BP365 Ultra-Light Business Digital Radio

Hytera BP365 is an ultra-light business two-way radio with a lightweight frame and slimline design. With long-lasting battery and best-in-class audio, Hytera BP365 is an ideal replacement for the PD365, the popular previous generation device.

BP365 can operate in both DMR and analogue modes – ideal for users transitioning from analogue to digital technology. Using two-slot TDMA technology, two groups of users can communicate independently on the same frequency and the same time, boosting productivity and efficiency.

Click here to learn more about BP365.


Hytera AP325 Ultra-Light Analogue Radio

Hytera AP325 is an ultra-light analogue two way radio – ideal for users who need simple push-to-talk communication from a lightweight device.

AP325 weighs just 130g and is only 24mm thick, making it easy to carry and comfortable to wear. It can deliver 8 hours battery life from just one hour charging, and can be charged from 0-100% in as little as 2.5 hours.

Click here to learn more about AP325.


Hytera AP525LF Waterproof Licence-Free Radio

Hytera AP525LF is a waterproof (IP66) version of the popular AP515LF licence-free two-way radio. Perfect for simple, instant communication over short distances, AP525LF uses analogue technology to deliver loud and clear voice messages with minimal latency.

AP525LF is a compact and ergonomic two-way radio which makes it easy to carry and use. And thanks to its IP66 rating, it is perfect for use in wet environments due to its enhanced resistance to water and dust ingress.

Click here to learn more about AP525LF.


Hytera PNC460 Rugged Smart PTT Device

Hytera PNC460 combines smartphone and two-way radio functionality into one rugged, smart device. Powered by Android 12 OS, PNC460 aids connectivity and collaboration between people across the business by becoming the go-to handheld smart device which you can rely on everyday.

PNC460 is built to the highest rugged standards for smartphones. It is IP68 certified against water and dust ingress, drop-tested to 1.5m as can operate in temperatures ranging from –20°C to +60°C. It is designed to be used anywhere and everywhere, allowing businesses to keep their tech consistent across different teams and job roles.

Click here to learn more about PNC460.


If you have any questions about the new products, or would like to learn more about Hytera communication solutions, please contact Gareth Jones today on 01489 287 287.

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