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VoCoVo communications headsets in action: Tier I retail, restaurant and hospitality businesses

The leading retail, restaurant and hospitality brands are always looking to connect better with their customers. They are also on a continual mission to make the use of their staff more efficient, while improving their efficacy and safety. VoCoVo communication headsets are the technology solution many high street names are using to drive this change.

It’s no secret that high street retailers and restaurants have had a tough few years. Many retail customers turned to online shopping during the COVID-19 pandemic and have not looked back, and restaurants have been hit by the widened availability of their favourite foods delivered directly to their front door.

Staff on the shop or restaurant floor are therefore under pressure to deliver a better customer experience than ever before. And particularly for customers returning post-COVID, team members need to be equipped with all the tools they need in order to make customers feel safe and comfortable, while wowing them with a better-than-ever in-person experience.

In retail and hospitality settings, time is money. When a retail customer has a question, it is important that it is answered in a timely way and that they are not left hanging while a staff member searches for the answer. And when customers arrive at a restaurant, they need to be greeted and seated quickly, with reassurance that a staff member is always on hand to take orders and answer questions throughout their stay.


Why are retailers and restaurants investing in communication headsets?

Delivering great customer service in these is made easier when team members have an effective way to communicate. For example, if a staff member is asked a question by a customer on the shop floor which requires asking a colleague, the question can be answered quicker and in a more pleasant way if the colleague doesn’t have to leave the customer’s side.

For a long time, retailers in particular have been using two-way radios to communicate across the shop floor and into other areas such as a stock room. However, two-way radios in retail and hospitality settings are often not the best solution. Two-way radios are often dropped and broken requiring spare parts and repairs, and messages broadcast through the radios are often loud and can damage the customers’ experience.

A newer entrant to the market, VoCoVo’s communication headsets have been an instant hit. Their solution allows colleagues to communicate more discreetly and over wider areas compared with two-way radios, eradicating any communication “black spots”. And because the solution is a wearable one, it significantly reduces the amount of broken units and allows colleagues to keep both hands free so that they can focus more on the customer.

By investing in VoCoVo, Tier I retail and hospitality businesses are bringing their team members closer both to each other and their customers.

  • Retail businesses love VoCoVo because their communication can be more discreet than with two-way radios and colleagues can help customers more effectively without ever leaving their side. And because the solution is wearable, it reduces instances of a communication device being dropped and broken.
  • Hospitality businesses love VoCoVo because staff can collaborate better in their mission to have customers met, seated and attended to in a more efficient way than ever before. And because VoCoVo can be integrated with telephony systems, staff can cake phone calls on their headsets from anywhere on the premises, minimising missed bookings and therefore boosting revenue.


Success stories from the biggest retail and restaurant brands

It’s no wonder so many household names have invested in VoCoVo as their communication technology solution. By upgrading their communications to VoCoVo, retailers and restaurants everywhere are now closer to their customers than ever before.


Asda Using Vocovo


ASDA became a VoCoVo customer when they planned to overhaul the technology used in many of their stores. Looking to benefit from large-scale efficiencies which would empower their colleagues to multi-task, VoCoVo emerged as the obvious solution.

ASDA employees now use VoCoVo communication headsets to collaborate quickly, reliably and efficiently across the entire shop floor. Furthermore, keypads installed in the self-service checkout areas allow till staff to assist customers immediately without being confined to one area of the store, freeing them up to multi-task and maximise their value.

Click here to read the full ASDA case study.


Halfords Using Vocovo


When Halfords wanted to invest in their communications infrastructure to ensure they were evolving in line with their customers’ demands, VoCoVo very quickly became the technology of choice.

Halfords stores are often two-tiered, and colleagues are always on the move. With VoCoVo, colleagues can talk instantly and discreetly across the whole shop floor – regardless of the level – and stay dynamic so that they can work efficiently. And because VoCoVo is a headset solution, colleagues can keep both hands free so that they can help customers with anything – including outside the building.

Click here to read the full Halfords case study.



TGI Fridays Using Vocovo

TGI Fridays

When TGI Fridays reported inefficiencies with both their front and back-of-house teams, they soon discovered it was all down to the way they communicate. TGIs restaurants are often large spaces with a buzzing atmosphere, and staff were simply covering too much ground and not serving customers as well as they would like.

Now that they have invested in VoCoVo headsets, staff can communicate with one another quickly and easily and without leaving their designated areas, allowing them to be far more customer-focused. TGI restaurants use a multi-conference VoCoVo system setup, meaning that colleagues can easily switch between talk groups and alert each other of up-selling opportunities, maximising the restaurants’ revenue.

Click here to read the full TGIs case study.



Get started with VoCoVo today

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