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Customer success story – delivering a better customer experience with VoCoVo

London Borough of Lambeth Council recently moved to their new state-of-the art headquarters in Croydon, and invested in VoCoVo to help them effectively and empathetically look after vulnerable members of the public.

Lambeth approached leading push-to-talk communication reseller RadioComs Systems Ltd in search for technology that can help keep colleagues connected while dealing with face-to-face public enquiries. After an initial site survey, RadioComs were quick to recommend VoCoVo to give the Lambeth team a discreet and ergonomic way to stay in constant communication wherever they are in the vicinity.

The VoCoVo system was an instant hit with Lambeth for two key reasons. First, because the system is hands-free the customer service team can deal with enquiries much faster than they would if they were using handheld communication devices. As a team all equipped with communication headsets, Lambeth can now provide a service where the customer is never left alone – vital given how vulnerable many of their visitors are.

Secondly, the Lambeth team were seriously impressed with VoCoVo’s “talk lock” feature. This enables users to lock their microphone open, meaning they don’t have to keep pushing the push-to-talk button if they are in a situation where they need both their hands free for a prolonged period. Customer Service Manager Nigel Partridge compared the feature to the “emergency” function used during his previous career as a Police Officer, where the microphone can be locked open during an escalating situation.

To learn more, get in touch with RadioComs Systems today.

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