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Get to know Knox, Samsung’s device management platform

Samsung Knox is a combination of a proven security foundation built into Samsung devices. Trusted around the world, Knox has helped over 15,000 businesses globally achieve their goals.


Since first introduced in 2013, Knox has secured over 1 billion Samsung devices and is being used to manage over 50 million devices daily.

The Knox security platform is built into Samsung devices, securing them from the moment you unpack and turn them on. These devices are Secured by Knox, with multi-layered hardware and software security features that are always enabled. The Knox platform contains overlapping defense and security mechanisms that protect your data against intrusion, malware, and malicious threats.

Samsung Knox Device Management

Samsung Knox allows businesses to effortlessly secure and manage their devices remotely, no matter where they are.

The Knox platform is anchored in the actual chipset of the device during the manufacturing stage. Knox protects both businesses and consumers using Samsung phones, tablets, and wearables. Samsung’s portfolio of Knox cloud solutions allows businesses to configure, customize, deploy, and manage their devices to meet various and specific needs.


The perfect solution for IT admins

Samsung Knox offers IT admins a comprehensive enterprise mobility solution portfolio to address business needs throughout the entire device life cycle. If your business equips workers with devices such as phones, tablets and laptops, using Samsung Knox enables you to track, secure, manage and tailor your fleet with ease and peace of mind.


Great Solution for IT Admins

Security benefits

Because one security hole is all that is needed to take control of a device, Samsung Knox secures your device in every layer and at all times. You can therefore keep your focus on your business no matter what.


Manage Your Devices

Deployment benefits

Transform phones, tablets, and wearables into work devices instantly. With Knox, deployment and configuration is made easy – as soon as they are powered on, work devices are automatically provisioned, right out of the box.


Great Samsung Security

Management benefits

With Knox, you benefit from versatile and comprehensive features for all stages in device management. With features built to manage all stages of your device life cycle, ensure your devices for work are always under IT control. Anytime, anywhere, and in any industry.


Samsung Knox in action

Samsung Knox at Pepsico

PepsiCo’s Mexican subsidiary deploys Android devices to help its employees take and track orders. All those devices, however, proved difficult and expensive to enroll, maintain, and keep up to date.

Click here to read how PepsiCo found success by employing Samsung Knox.


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