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An introduction to Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Samsung Knox

‘Enterprise mobility’ is a term often used to define a workforce which is effectively, efficiently and flexibly deployed to meet a business’ needs.

The need for a mobile workforce is becoming clearer as stakeholder expectations grow in key areas of both the public and private sectors.

Many businesses are now driven by data and software applications that allow them to run cost-effectively, efficiently and accurately. As a result, many workers need to use a smart device to execute everyday tasks.

For example, courier and express delivery providers need a larger and more flexible workforce than ever before as their industry continues to grow in line with the expected increase of over 50% between 2019 and 2023 (reported in Mintel). Delivery drivers need to have full access to their firm’s consignment management, route planning, mapping and communications platforms at all times, and they need a device which can be easily carried and powered on-the-go.

And for users in public sector industries such as healthcare, the device they carry do their job to the best of their ability is key. A nurse or doctor, for example, may be deployed over a large or even multiple sites and could be carrying a smartphone, tablet, two-way radio, pager and other phone (such as a DECT device) at one time.

Samsung Knox

The fewer devices workers carry, the greater their chances of successful job execution and collaboration. Smart devices for workers which can ‘do it all’ can therefore be considered a great investment for businesses in the aforementioned lines of work – along with hauliers, utilities engineers, field-based sales personnel and more.

However, a distinct challenge for businesses is how to manage those devices when they are always on the move and often being shared between employees.

And the larger the workforce, the greater the challenge.


Mobile device management (MDM) – a business’ perspective

Mobile Device Management (MDM) platforms allow businesses to secure, control and monitor their devices wherever they are, and can be used for the three common device types used by businesses – iOS, Android and Windows.

Knox Managemenet

Broadly, MDMs are used to:

  • Manage the location of devices.
  • Secure devices and protect them from being used to compromise the business’ overall digital security.
  • Manage device-level functionality, including whitelisting and blacklisting apps.
  • Remote monitor devices, including stunning and activating.
  • Manage device firmware and software versions.

It makes sense for businesses to have an effective way to manage the devices they own for several reasons.

First, smart devices which workers use often represents a significant investment for a business. It makes sense for a business to know where their investments are, how they are being used and their status – without an MDM, this is either very challenging or not possible.

Second, using an MDM is a great way for businesses with devices in the field to maximise security. When unmonitored devices are used for work purposes, a business can be more open to a security breach – devices monitored and managed via a MDM and have some form of identity authentication are a significantly lower risk.

Finally, MDMs are a great way for businesses to improve compliance. The value of investment in smart devices for work can be diminished if they aren’t used appropriately – such as for personal and social use – and MDMs are a flexible and wide-reaching way of ensuring devices are used how the business needs and wants them to be.

MDMs may be an IT director’s dream, however many businesses have limited experience when it comes to central control of all systems and devices. MDMs can be complex to set up and use, and often businesses don’t know where to start.


Introducing Samsung for business and their MDM platform, “Knox”

Many businesses struggle to find devices which cost-effectively deliver the quality, reliability, longevity and security they expect in return for their investment. The answer: Samsung’s rugged range of smartphones and tablets.

If you’re a business and you need to equip your workforce with smartphones and tablets, Samsung is just right for you. The Samsung rugged range is made up of devices with the same general specifications as consumer models but with added features for businesses, such as programmable hard keys and more rugged build.

Samsung Phone Security

Samsung can help businesses achieve total communication flexibility for their workforce while providing central device management and security. No need to piece technologies together from different providers – Samsung help businesses make device management and security simple.

And even better, Samsung has their very own MDM platform called “Knox”, which is designed to make device management, security and compliance simple and effective for businesses of all sizes. Trusted around the world, Knox has helped over 15,000 businesses globally achieve their goals.

Here’s a deeper into what Knox is, does and delivers for businesses.


What is Knox?
Knox is Samsung’s own MDM solution – it consists of a management platform and device-level security. Samsung devices have Knox’s security foundations built into their chipsets, meaning they are secured from the moment you unpack them and turn them on for the first time (you can also use Knox to manage other Android, iOS and Windows devices).

Samsung Knox offers businesses a comprehensive enterprise mobility solution portfolio to address business needs throughout the entire device life cycle. If a business equips workers with devices such as phones, tablets and laptops, Knox can track, secure, manage and tailor a fleet to provide ease and peace of mind.

How secure is Knox?
Because one security hole is all that is needed to take control of a device, Knox ensures that every layer of a device is protected – on your Samsung device, Knox is ingrained in the chipset all the way up to the firmware and device user interface.

On a Samsung device itself, Knox ensures constant running in a safe state, blocking any unauthorized access to its operating system (OS). And because Knox is designed to be a complete solution covering both hardware and software, it provides businesses with the highest level of protection (extending capabilities above Android Enterprise).

How is Knox deployed?
With Knox, deployment and configuration is made easy. As soon as a Samsung device is powered on, work devices are automatically provisioned, right out of the box.

From there, devices can be managed at individual, group or fleet level using Knox’s intuitive platform.

To what extent can you manage devices using Knox?
With Knox, you benefit from versatile and comprehensive features for all stages in device management.

For example, you can control OS upgrades on devices owned by the business – this gives IT departments time to properly assess the implications of OS updates to ensure any functionality of key business applications and processes isn’t lost in the process.

You can also lock down a device using Knox to granular levels – Kiosk Mode, for example, allows access to only selected apps and settings on the device. Using Kiosk Mode, a business can make sure that only apps which are critical to the business are used, and personalize the device to their requirements by adding their logo on device boot-up and applying fleet-wide backgrounds and lock screen wallpapers.

To speak to an expert about Samsung Knox, click here.


Samsung Knox in real life

Since first introduced in 2013, Knox has secured over 1 billion Samsung devices and is being used to manage over 50 million devices daily. Here are some Knox user success stories.


Pepsi Use Samsung


PepsiCo’s Mexican subsidiary deploys Android devices to help its employees take and track orders. All those devices, however, proved difficult and expensive to enroll, maintain, and keep up to date. Click here to read more.


Knox a Harley User

Harley Davidson

The Czech unit of Harley-Davidson sought a way to better manage entrance lines at the 115th edition of the brand’s annual Harley Days rally, a major event for Harley enthusiasts. Click here to read more.


Taxis Using Knox


To ensure riders could always connect with drivers, MiCab needed a mobile device solution that would block malware, reduce misuse of the tablets, and allow them to track and find any stolen devices. Click here to read more.


Mobilise your workforce with Samsung for Business

If you’d like to know more about Samsung enterprise devices or Knox MDM, or need advice on how you can use technology to make your business more mobile, efficient and productive, speak to Matthew Lovering today by calling him on 01489 287 287sending him an email or booking a meeting with him.

Alternatively, click here for a full overview on the Samsung rugged range.

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