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Savox Communications

Savox is the industry leader in rugged and reliable push-to-talk accessories, helping users in the harshest environments to improve situational awareness, improve communication and, ultimately, save lives.

Savox Communications is a critical communications company, providing solutions that create situational awareness and enhance communication and collaboration in demanding conditions. Their solutions save lives, protect people and property and enhance the efficiency and work quality of professionals around the world.

Savox headsets, communications controllers and push-to-talk accessories are designed and built to the highest quality and rugged standards, ensuring users are equipped to maintain communication and situational awareness in even the worst conditions. Tried and tested, Savox is the brand of choice for communication users across the globe.


Communication Controllers

Rugged push-to-talk units suitable for use in harsh environments and easy to use while wearing protective clothing.


Communication Headsets

Rugged headsets for use while wearing a helmet including boom mic, throat mic and bone mic technology.

Savox communication earpiece

Communication Earpieces

Lightweight earpieces for discreet push-to-talk communication – available as either wired or wireless.

Want to know more about Savox Communications?
Start a conversation with us today!

Want to know more about Savox Communications?

Start a conversation with us today!

Reliable communications in harsh environments

Users who work in some of the most challenging environments demand the absolute maximum from their communications technology. That’s why Savox is the brand of choice for many users across the globe who simply cannot afford to lose communication, protection and situational awareness.


Industrial environments require rugged communication for professionals to stay connected, and most of all, safe. Savox’s wide range of communication controllers and hearing protection headsets offer reliable communications for professionals working in demanding environments.

Public Safety

Public Safety users rely on communication to make critical decisions by ensuring they have access to all the information they need in real-time. Savox offers a wide range of rugged, flexible solutions which Public Safety users can rely on – no matter the situation.

With Savox, you’re never alone

Since its origins working mostly with fire fighters, Savox has built its expertise and knowledge around the requirements of professionals working in harsh, demanding and even hazardous environments – with intrinsically safe products being one of their specialities.

Savox’s focus is always the requirements of the end-user; their products are developed around user needs and their environments, always aiming for and innovative, end-user driven solution.

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