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Hytera PDM680


PDM680 rugged mission-critical standard (MCS) radio is designed to help first responders stay connected and informed anywhere and anytime in critical situations.

As a professional rugged radio, PDM680 delivers reliable mission-critical voice communications, and mission-critical video and data services for those working in the most challenging conditions.

In addition to the “on-network” operation, the PDM680 supports device-to-device communications that allow the first responders to communicate without relying on the LTE network.

And thanks to its Android 10 operating system and Google Mobile Certification, PDM680 can be the one device employed by individuals in mission-critical environments for all their voice and data applications.

PDM680 conforms to the MCS Broadband Trunking Standard:

  • Global standard: developed by 3GPP Standards Organisation
  • High data rate: LTE-based, 50-100 Mbps on UL and DL
  • Rich services: MCPTT, MCVideo, and MCData services

Compliant with 3GPP MCS Compliant
The PDM680 delivers MCPTT, MCVideo, and MCData services to ensure mission­ critical communications for public safety.

Ready for the toughest conditions
LTPS display, high resolution and brightness, readable in direct sunlight. Gorilla Glass 3, scratch-proof, impact-proof, fingerprint-proof, and oil-proof.

Loud and clear
Engineered for audio excellence.

Mission-critical voice and data
Private video call, group video call, and multimedia message

Choice of applications
Google Play Store – Manage Download from an enormous library of apps.

Security encryption and authentication
Signature authentication, Sensitive data isolation, Full-disk encryption and much more.

Improved user experience
Dual Screen suitable for scenarios where the radio is carried on the shoulder.

EMBMS: 40ms
Reducing missing words upon handover.

PDM680 Device

D2D communication
Built with Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) technology, the PDM680 can provide D2D communications where LTE connectivity is unavailable. This ensures the stability of PTT services over a long distance. Moreover, the PDM680 features MCS-DMR Simulcall to call both MCS devices and DMR radios at the same time.

PDM680 is Waterproof

Ready for the toughest conditions

  • IP68 rated
  • MIL-STD-810H rated
  • Drop Test 1.5 meters drop-proof
  • LTPS display, high resolution, and brightness, readable in direct sunlight
  • Gorilla Glass 3, scratch-proof, impact-proof, fingerprint-proof, and oil-proof
  • Wet Hands or Glove Mode
Rugged Mobile Device

Crystal clear and loud audio

  • Ai-based noise cancellation
  • Echo cancellation
  • Wind noise cancellation
  • Patented front cavity expansion
  • Audio loudness up to 118 dBSPL
PDM680 Encryption

Security encryption and authentication

  • SHA256 encryption algorithm
  • E2EE: AES 128-bit/256-bit
  • Signature authentication
  • System consistency check
  • Sensitive data isolation
  • Access control mechanism (App Lock)

Multi-mode LTE/MCS advanced radio with Android 10 OS, Google Management Certification, 3.6″ touch display, Bluetooth, GPS and programmable buttons, available in UHF (340 – 470MHz).

RRP: £POA – please contact for more information.

Hytera PDM680 product brochure

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