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Hytera MNC360


RRP: from £320.00 | €380.00 (ex. VAT)

Hytera MNC360 is a rugged mobile radio which uses push-to-talk over cellular (PoC) technology. Delivering loud and clear audio as well as coverage over wide and ever-changing geographical areas, Hytera MNC360 is an ideal vehicle-installed solution for users in the transport, logistics, public service and utilities sectors.

Hytera MNC360’s features make it simple and flexible to use. It uses a conventional remote speaker microphone (RSM) with wired PTT button, delivering the push-to-talk experience which users are familiar with. It also has 4 programmable buttons, a 2.0″ LCD display and USB interface.


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Loud and clear audio

  • The built-in 4-watt speaker comes with distortion suppression, howling suppression and noise cancellation technology, which enables the MNC360 to transmit loud and clear audio even with a window rolled down on construction sites or in bustling streets.

Smoother communication

  • Compared with regular smartphone, the two external LTE antennas on the MNC360 improve its RX sensitivity by 3 dB, covering weak signal areas such as suburbs or underground parking lots.
  • The “smart switch” feature enables the MNC360 to always select the network with better signal strengths. Stable, seamless, and high-quality communications are ensured everywhere.

Flexibility and adaptability

  • Paring with wired accessories or wireless accessories, the MNC360 gives users more freedom and flexibility for voice communications.
  • With the Android system and standard APls, the MNC360 is open for third-party apps to create an in-vehicle ecosystem for data application in the field.

Smart design, safe driving

  • The MNC360 is a safety assistant providing over-speed alarm and fatigue driving alarm to ensure a safe trip.
  • Keys on the MNC360 are automatically locked during driving, helping the driver focus more on the road and less on the radio.
  • The external USB camera can be connected to the MNC360, working as a dash camera to record the journey details.

Robust design, easy to use

  • MNC360 was designed around increasing efficiency and productivity.
  • The snap-in bracket lets you quickly install or remove the radio, and easily adjust the radio position through the rotatable bearings.
  • The layout of the connectors and keys makes radio operations more comfortable. The four Braille-style programmable keys are easy to locate through tactile sense, and provide quick access to key features such as starting recording or switching day or night mode.
  • An Aviation connector between the remove microphone and the main unit provides a robust design that enables reliable and stable connection under any scenario.

Hytera MNC360 product brochure

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