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Hytera PNC460 Rugged Smart PTT Device

RRP: £410.00 (ex. VAT)

Hytera PNC460 combines smartphone and two-way radio functionality into one rugged, smart device. Powered by Android 12 OS, PNC460 aids connectivity and collaboration between people across the business by becoming the go-to handheld smart device which you can rely on everyday.

PNC460 is built to the highest rugged standards for smartphones. It is IP68 certified against water and dust ingress, drop-tested to 1.5m as can operate in temperatures ranging from –20°C to +60°C. It is designed to be used anywhere and everywhere, allowing businesses to keep their tech consistent across different teams and job roles.



Rugged IP68 Smart PTT device with 5 inch HD touch screen and Android 12 OS.

RRP: £410.00 (ex. VAT)

For full pricing, please download our Hytera Price book from the “Resources” section below.


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Hytera PNC460: Key Features


Android 12, open app ecosystem

PNC460’s Android 12 OS delivers a familiar user experience which aids professional use. It also provides an open, inclusive platform to run a variety of different apps which promotes efficient everyday business operation.


Full toolkit ready to use

PNC460 comes out-of-the-box with useful applications including high beam, noise meter, gradienter, altimeter, plumb, pedometer, and protractor. Combined, these make the device the ultimate business tool.


Professional acoustics

Thanks to its powerful speaker and sophisticated noise cancellation technology, PNC460 delivers loud and clear audio even in noisy environments. Its best-in-class audio guarantees the highest quality communication experience in any professional setting.


Wide-area PTT

Because it uses broadband connectivity (such as a 4G or Wi-Fi network), PNC460 delivers instant one-to-one or one-to-group communications anywhere in the world once you press the large and tactile PTT key. Discover Zebra Workforce Connect to learn more about Smart push-to-talk.


External RX antenna

PNC460 uses an external RX antenna for up to 70% higher RX capabilities compared with devices which have built-in antennas. This means that signal is stronger and more reliable in remote or low-coverage areas including mountains or underground.


50MP camera system

PNC460 is equipped with a 50MP HDR rear camera with image stabilisation for unmatched photography capabilities. Capture clear pictures and stable live video and share real-time with colleagues or a control centre via a Wi-Fi or cellular network.


Fast charging and long-lasting battery

PNC460 comes with a removable 4,500mAh battery with locking mechanism, which delivers up to 40 hours battery life in a typical duty cycle. The battery has fast-charging capabilities, which delivers 0-100% charging in 2.5 hours and up to 16 hours battery from 1 hour on charge.

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