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Zebra Workcloud Communication

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Zebra Workcloud Communication (previously Workforce Connect) is a business-grade push-to-talk application which sits on Android or iOS smart devices. Workcloud Communication turns smart devices including smartphones, tablets and scanners into two-way radios with unlimited talk range.

Workcloud Communication connects thousands of users across countless secure, private talk channels. It drives efficient communication across an entire organisation – colleagues can reach each other instantly, clearly and securely regardless of where they are on the premises, across the country or even around the world.

Workcloud Communication by Zebra Technologies is an app which attaches enterprise-grade push-to-talk functionality to any Android or iOS smart device. Workcloud Communication allows colleagues to communicate instantly, clearly and securely across the entire organisation. It removes the requirement to use multiple devices such as two-way radios or pagers, and it ensures that colleagues aren’t only contactable when they are at their desk, allowing them to work more flexibly.

Workcloud Communication promotes efficient and productive communication between colleagues – whether it is one-to-one, one-to-many or one-to-all.

  • Drive efficient working practices which turn into cost-savings.
  • Reduce reliance on inefficient inter-colleague communication including phone calls, paging, instant messaging and walking to find a colleague.
  • Separate colleagues into talk groups according to their department, job role, location, or seniority, and subscribe them to as many talk groups as required.
  • Create ad-hoc talk groups between all colleagues based on a situation, location or other criteria.
  • Boost the safety of lone workers without them having to use a dedicated tracking device.
  • Allocate, manage and monitor tasks between individuals or groups of employees.
Push To Talk Technology

Group call

Call colleagues who are in set groups.


Ad-hoc call

Create an ad-hoc talk group on-the-go.



All the groups you are in.

Push-to-Talk Pro


Every contact in your organisation that you are able to contact.

PTT Call Screen


View your recent contacts or groups.

Push-to-Talk Pro


Star your most popular groups or contacts.

PTT Screenshot


Play a message back if you missed it or want to hear it again (Android only).

Push-to-Talk Pro


View colleagues’ location on a map and call collegues based on their location.

Workcloud Communication: Key features and benefits


Next-generation push-to-talk communication

Workcloud Communications offers instant push-to-talk (PTT) capabilities that mimic the simplicity of two-way radios while utilizing the power of modern mobile devices. This facilitates real-time communication, ensuring quick responses and minimizing delays.


Compatible on a range of devices

Workcloud Communication operates across a range of devices, including Zebra mobile computers, Android and IOS smartphones. This compatibility enhances flexibility and accessibility, enabling seamless communication regardless of the hardware being used.


Integrated task management and tracking

Workcloud Communication enables the assignment and tracking of tasks within the platform, making it easy to delegate responsibilities, monitor progress, and ensure timely completion of important tasks.


Location tracking for lone workers

Workcloud Communication includes location-based features that allow for efficient resource allocation and tracking. This is particularly beneficial for field teams, ensuring optimal deployment and enhancing safety.


Enterprise text and multimedia messaging

Workcloud Communication goes beyond traditional PTT solutions by offering integrated text messaging, enabling users to choose the most appropriate mode of communication for each situation.


Robust embedded security features

Zebra’s commitment to security is embedded in Workcloud Communication. The solution employs robust encryption and authentication protocols, safeguarding sensitive information and communication.

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