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Zebra Workcloud Communication

Zebra Workcloud Communication (formerly Workforce Connect) is a fully scalable suite of communication tools which allow businesses to drive efficient working practices. Use Workcloud Communication to deploy employees across the business more flexibly, and improve information sharing to improve operational performance and deliver the best customer service.

Everything you need rolled into one smart, portable device

What if you could converge most (or all) of the applications your teams use every day into one smart, handheld device of your choice…?

Having to regularly switch between devices can seriously impact the ability to work efficiently. Workcloud Communication attaches seamlessly to Android smart devices such as smartphones (rugged or consumer grade), Touch Computers, Mobile Computers or Android-based scanners, as well as iOS smartphones.

By attaching Workcloud Communication onto portable smart devices which colleagues already use for daily tasks and which are integrated with the business’ IT systems, operational efficiency can be boosted significantly across the whole business. It can also yield wider cost-savings by enabling the business to phase out legacy technology including pagers, DECT phones and tanoy systems.


Frontline workers are far more effective when they are connected

A single communication platform gives every employee the right level of flexibility to meet the demands of the business. Workcloud Communication gives employees the ability to reach the right colleague at the right time at the touch of a button – no matter where they are either on-or off-site.

Drive effective communication

Provide employees with a platform which provides efficient, free-flowing communication. Attach enterprise-grade two-way radio functionality to the versatile smart devices they already use to do their jobs for seamless connectivity with colleagues and their IT systems.

Prioritise employee safety

Keep frontline workers connected and safe, especially when lone working. Use tools like emergency alerts, broadcast messaging and location services to enhance safety and promote safe working practices for every team.

Boost customer engagement

Give frontline workers the right tools to “wow” customers. Provide customer-facing teams with a platform for fast, accurate and discreet information sharing which empowers colleagues to answer resolve customer queries faster and complete more tasks.

Would improved communication help your business?
Speak to us about Workcloud Communication!

Would improved communication help your business? Speak to us about Workcloud Communication!

Empower frontline workers by removing collaboration barriers

Workcloud Communication from Zebra Technologies allows frontline workers to collaborate clearly, accurately and flexibly wherever they are in the business – both inside and outside the four walls.

A suite of software applications which attach to Android smart devices – including Zebra Mobile Computers – Zebra Workcloud Communication is a solution for businesses who need to help their teams to work smarter.

Discover Workcloud Communication solutions

Workcloud Communication empowers frontline workers with efficient communication and workflows using one secure, reliable platform.

Broadcast messages to everyone in an instant, allow colleagues to be deployed more flexibly across the business, give colleagues a tailored device experience depending on their specific role, and answer colleague and customer questions quicker for an overall more efficient operation.



PTT Pro is an app which runs on Android or iOS devices, turning them into enterprise-grade two-way radios.

PTT Pro is a feature-rich platform which allows colleagues to use their mobile device to broadcast time-sensitive PTT voice, image, video and text messages to an individual, group or entire team at the touch of a button.

  • Limitless communication – Workcloud Communication delivers instant push-to-talk communication with limitless range using cellular and Wi-Fi networks.
  • Drive efficiency – PTT is a far more efficient and secure form of workplace communication compared with texting and calling.
  • Use your own device – PTT Pro simply attaches to any Android or iOS device as an app which runs seamlessly in the background.
  • Location services – monitor colleagues’ location and availability for more efficient deployment of human resource and enhanced worker safety.
  • Support for emergency protocols – emergency alert override prioritises urgent communication, ensuring the most important messages are never missed.

PTT Premium

PTT Premium allows employees to get the absolute most out of their team communication by giving them maximum flexibility.

PTT Premium combines the functionality of PTT Pro with Zebra’s Profile Manager tool, which enables the device’s user to see customised groups, contacts, workflows and more based on their job role for maximum efficiency.

  • Efficient communication – all the same PTT, messaging and other communication functions as PTT Pro.
  • A true enterprise solution – get faster, more efficient and secure communication using a trusted platform instead of relying on personal devices.
  • Location-based insights – track workers via GPS either inside or outside the four walls, and use their location to make ad-hoc talk groups.
  • Device sharing – with PTT Premium, devices can be shared between multiple employees while ensuring each colleague has access to all the right groups and features based on their job profile.
  • Mould to the shape of every business – PTT Premium highly configurable, with customisable rules and access limitations for each role.

Enterprise Voice

Enterprise Voice allows businesses to equip each colleague with a single device for all communication.

Using Enterprise Voice, businesses can close communication gaps by providing colleagues with BPS (Business Phone Systems – formerly known as PBX) based voice calling features on their Zebra mobile devices, preventing them from having to be tethered to a workstation.

  • Flexible deployment – Enterprise Voice can be purchased as a standalone solution or added onto PTT Pro.
  • Easy integration – Enterprise Voice can be quickly and easily integrated with existing infrastructure to ensure workflows are kept on track.
  • Efficient call handling – dynamically assign incoming calls to the right employees based on their role for fast and accurate responses.
  • Minimal training required – Enterprise Voice’s simple and intuitive interface minimises the need for onboarding and training.
  • Tailored to individual needs – create the best voice experience for colleagues by designing the interface with features and functions which make the most sense for the business.

All-In-One Solution

The all-in-one Zebra Workcloud Communication solution combines the power and functionality of PTT Premium and Enterprise Voice into one complete platform.

  • A powerful combination – create synergies and unlock untapped potential when you combine Workcloud Communication PTT Premium and Workcloud Communication Enterprise Voice on one integrated communication platform.
  • Device Sharing – share devices with multiple employees and automatically configure each to match the individual worker’s role and needs.
  • PBX Integration – minimize hold times and speed up workflows by automatically routing incoming calls to the right department or specific person with the Voice add-on.
  • Highly configurable – customize rules for each role, control feature access and more.

Task Management

Zebra Task Management (formerly Reflexis) can help to improve sales by automatically prioritising and allocating tasks to on-site employees.

Task management can make a difference to an individual site or across a multitude of sites. Being part of the Workcloud Communication ecosystem, Zebra Task Management makes visibility of task efficiency clearer than ever before, making it easier to engage frontline teams.

  • Improve Workload Distribution – automate task assignment with equitable distribution to keep workloads fair and reduce overtime spend.
  • Automate Role-Based Assignments – automatically push the right assignment to the right associate, aligning skills, availability and preference.
  • Simplify Task Prioritization and Completion Tracking – front-line staff can quickly scan the day’s activities so they know what to tackle first. Managers have immediate insight into what tasks are completed, when and by whom.
  • Optimise Store Operations – enable management by exception with actionable insights that provide best next steps.
  • User-friendly interface – meet the expectations of your workforce with a modern UI that includes personalization options such as pin control for important task assignments.
  • Improve Accuracy with a Mobile First Solution – put all the apps associates need on one hand-held device so they can be where they need to be and do what they need to do, faster and with more accuracy.

Streamline operational efficiency and boost omnichannel capabilities

Lowe’s, a leading home improvements retailer in North America, undertook a digital transformation with Zebra Workcloud Communication at its heart, which ultimately streamlined their operations and increased their Net Promoter scores.


“In 2020, we used Workcloud Communication 165 million times. That’s 165 million times I didn’t have to run three aisles over to find somebody or.…165 million times I didn’t have to say to the customer, ‘I don’t know.’ It is a big, big change for us and one that our associates absolutely love.”

Vincent Scalese – SVP of Store Operations

Speak to us about Zebra Workcloud Communication

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