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VoCoVo Customer Testimonials

VoCoVo has helped retail, hospitality and other businesses to streamline team communication, improve customer experience and unlock cost-savings.

VoCoVo in Retail

Retailers love VoCoVo because they can use it to drive efficiency gains and promote effective teamwork between store colleagues. You have probably seen VoCoVo in action already in a leading supermarket brand, your local convenience store or an independent fashion or grocery retailer.

ASDA logo

ASDA implemented VoCoVo as part a technology overhaul in a number of its stores. Multi-tasking to drive efficiency was at the centre of their mission – VoCoVo helped to streamline the checkout process, allowing colleagues more flexibility to reduce delays which impact customer experience.

Halfords Logo

Halfords wanted to improve their communication infrastructure to meet the increasing challenges of day-to-day operations facing retailers. VoCoVo helped colleagues to communicate discreetly and efficiently across the expansive floor plans which are typical of Halfords stores.

Wickes Logo

Wickes already used a wireless headset system to drive communication efficiency and improve customer experience, but were forced to search for a more reliable and robust solution due to large, frequent repair bills. VoCoVo helped Wickes continue their mission but with a lower cost of ownership.


NISA Local stores everywhere are turning to VoCoVo to improve team communication on the shop floor. This store in Leicester, however, has taken its investment to the next level by integrating its CCTV cameras with Shelfie to notify colleagues of suspicious activity straight to their headset.

Eurospar Logo
Eurospar Team

Swifts of Lisnaskea, EuroSPAR store, were unhappy with their two-way radios as they were unreliable and didn’t promote discreet communication between colleagues. VoCoVo helped them to implement clearer and more reliable communication, enhancing their customer experience.

Nettlehill Logo
Nettlehill Service Station Team

Nettlehill Service Station wanted to improve the way their colleagues communicated across the shop floor and fuel forecourt. VoCoVo helped them to keep staff connected and deliver exceptional customer service across the entire premises, distinguishing them from their competitors.

VoCoVo in Hospitality

Hospitality businesses including eat-in and takeaway restaurants, hotels and events venues love using VoCoVo to drive teamwork through discreet communication between colleagues. VoCoVo headsets are sleek and ergonomic – they look great with a uniform and keep colleagues’ hands free so that they can stay focused on the customer.

No.1 Lounges Logo
No.1 Lounges Team

No.1 Lounges’ Club Aspire at Heathrow T3 was recently named the World’s Leading Airport Lounge by the World Travel Awards. As they look to continually provide the best-in-class service to air travellers, VoCoVo helped them to connect team members better than ever before.

TGI Logo

TGI’s identified several time inefficiencies in their busy restaurants which meant that colleagues were covering too much ground and regularly leaving their assigned posts. VoCoVo helped them to be more agile across the entire restaurant, improving customer service and boosting team morale.

The Sussex Exchange Logo

The Sussex Exchange is a unique, highly efficient and sustainable luxury hospitality venue which needed a team communication solution to fit their brand. After trying two-way radios, VoCoVo helped TSE to facilitate the dynamic and efficient communication which they were looking for.

Shaw’s logo
Shaw’s Team

Shaw’s is a traditional Fish and Chip shop based in Barnsley, Yorkshire. Concerned about the impact on customer experience of staff having to run back-and-forth and shout above the noise of kitchen equipment, VoCoVo helped the Shaw’s team to work more efficiently in a hectic kitchen environment.

More VoCoVo user stories

While most popular with retail and hospitality businesses, VoCoVo has helped other organisations to streamline and simplify their team communication in challenging and complex environments.

Lambeth Logo
Lambeth Borough Council Team

Lambeth Borough Council needed to ensure vulnerable members of the public were dealt with safely and efficiently during the COVID-19 pandemic. VoCoVo helped to connect front-of-house and back-office team members discreetly, improving team communication and coordination.

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