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VoCoVo Link – Wireless Communication Headset System for Small Teams

VoCoVo Link is a wireless plug-and-play team communication headset system for up to 8 users. VoCoVo Link is designed specifically for customer-facing teams, and keeps colleagues connected via stylish and lightweight communication headsets.

By keeping colleagues connected, VoCoVo Link helps small teams to be more productive than ever before. VoCoVo Link’s wireless Push-to-Talk Headsets have an approximate range of up to 100m, ensuring that team members can relay important information and stay in contact regardless of where they are on the premises.

VoCoVo Link Product Overview

VoCoVo is the leading brand for team communication, recognised globally for helping customer-facing teams to reach new levels of productivity and efficiency and “wow” customers with exceptional service.

VoCoVo’s latest solution, VoCoVo Link, is designed specifically for small teams in retail environments. VoCoVo Link is ready to use out-of-the box as a 4-user system, and only requires mains power. Two 4-user systems can also be attached together to connect up to 8 users.

VoCoVo Link connects every team member with lightweight, comfortable VoCoVo Headsets. Thanks to full-duplex technology and retail-specific environmental noise cancelling, conversations are always easy and natural because VoCoVo Headsets deliver nothing but instant, crystal-clear voice.

When a team member starts their shift, they simply grab a Headset from the Dock, put it on and adjust it for their comfort, then touch the round button to talk to their whole team on a secure voice conference. Everyone can communicate and collaborate just like they’re standing next to each other, no matter where they’re working – indoors, outdoors, on the shop floor or in the back room.

At the end of the day, teams return their Headsets to the Dock so they’re charged and ready for the next shift.

  • Lightweight and comfortable headsets for all users regardless of head size and shape, hair style, eyewear or headwear
  • Set up and ready to use in just 10 minutes
  • Full-duplex technology which allows two-way conversations between all headsets
  • 40 hours standby battery life per headset
  • Talk-lock feature which allows you to talk hands-free


VoCoVo Link 4-user system. Includes 4 x VoCoVo S5e headsets, 4 x VoCoVo headbands, 1 x charging dock and hub (includes power supply).

RRP: £700.00 (ex. VAT)


VoCoVo Enterprise

Enterprise-grade wireless headset communication system, including customer call point functionality, telephony and third-party API integration capabilities and included with VoCoVo’s new Series 5 Pro headset.

Click here to learn more.

VoCoVo Link spec sheet – COMING SOON

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The missing link for customer-facing teams

Designed to bring small teams together, VoCoVo Link helps teams to collaborate instantly while they work.


Connected teams deliver fast and efficient service

VoCoVo Link helps team members to give every customer better service by turning time-draining tasks into quick conversations. With the right communication tools, team members never need to leave customers waiting while they check stock or ask colleagues for help. They press Push-to-Talk on their Headset to get instant answers instead.

VoCoVo Link helps colleagues to share information quickly and discreetly, leading to:

  • Faster and improved customer service.
  • A calmer environment.
  • Happier customers.
  • More focused teams.

Happier and more supportive team members

VoCoVo Link connects team members in one crystal-clear group voice conversation where no one feels vulnerable when working alone, multi-tasking or dealing with different types of customers. When a colleague needs support, they simply touch the Push-to-Talk button on their headset and start talking, or switch on Talk-Lock to talk completely hands-free.

When team members feel that they have the support of their colleagues, they are more likely to:

  • Provide better customer service.
  • Feel safer at work.
  • Enjoy greater job satisfaction.
  • Work more productively.

Improved efficiency across the entire business

VoCoVo Link was designed by retail experts to help small teams to collaborate effortlessly and hands-free – removing the need for texting, shouting or using hand signals to communicate with colleagues. Poor communication can quickly and easily result in lost productivity and missed potential sales, with colleagues spending energy on basic teamwork rather than completing tasks and serving customers.

By implementing dedicated, retail-ready in-store communications, retail businesses can:

  • Eliminate costly distractions.
  • Create a more professional environment.
  • Improve inter-colleague support.

Where to buy VoCoVo Link

VoCoVo Link is available from Authorised VoCoVo Resellers – to be connected with a partner or to become a reseller, please leave your details below.