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VoCoVo GO Wireless Team Headset Communication System

VoCoVo GO is a plug-and-play communication headset system designed and built for customer-facing teams. Connect up to 29 team members out-of-the box with no setup or installation required – simply connect to mains power and start using the two-way system!

VoCoVo headsets are popular with customer-facing teams because they offer a simple and discreet way for colleagues to stay connected wherever they are working. Commonplace in retail stores, VoCoVo headsets help colleagues to boost productivity by allowing them to share information and collaborate quickly and efficiently – improving customer service in the process.

VoCoVo GO is a standalone solution which does not require installation or network connection. The VoCoVo Base Unit simply needs connection to mains power for it to create its unique communication network which headsets pair to automatically.

VoCoVo GO is a headset communication system which is simple to use and requires no installation or setup. Loved and trusted by both high street and independent retail and hospitality brands, VoCoVo boosts colleague collaboration, helping them to deliver an exceptional customer experience, deal with theft and antisocial behaviour proactively and feel safer and happier at work.

VoCoVo headsets are stylish and ergonomic and allow colleagues to discreetly communicate across the entire premises – including secondary areas such as a stock room, forecourt or beer garden – using one open talk group.

  • Connect up to 29 users
  • Only requires mains power – does not require internet connection or any ongoing licence costs
  • Talk range: up to 90m omnidirectional from the base station
  • Two methods of communicating – push-to-talk (single duplex) or talk lock (full duplex)
  • Three wearables types – headband, neckband or ear hook
  • Up to 1,000 charge cycles per headset (approximately 3 years)

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Clients of Sydnico Using Vocovo

You can build your perfect VoCoVo GO System in 3 simple steps:

  1. Select the number of headsets you require (maximum: 29) and the wearable style you want per headset (headband*, neckband or ear hook).
  2. Select the number of charger racks you require (5 headsets per charger rack).
  3. Add a base unit.

*Headsets are supplied as standard with headbands, but this can be changed when you order your VoCoVo system.

Vocovo Go Wireless Headset


VoCoVo S4 headset (including headband*) with integrated li-ion battery.

RRP: £175.59 (ex. VAT)*

Vocovo Base Station

Base Unit

VoCoVo base station (includes power supply and universal fixing mount).

RRP: £665.78 (ex. VAT)

Vocovo Desktop Charger

Multi-Unit Charger

VoCoVo 5-unit desktop modular charger rack (includes power supply).

RRP: £200.60 (ex. VAT)

*Headsets can be purchased with neckband (£173.85 ex. VAT) or ear hook (£171.79 ex. VAT) instead. Spare wearables can be ordered separately – please refer to the price book in the “resources” tab for more information.

Vocovo Go Plus

VoCoVo Enterprise

Upgraded version of VoCoVo GO with added functionality, including customer call point functionality, telephony and third-party API integration capabilities and included with VoCoVo’s new Series 5 Pro headset.

Click here to learn more.

VoCoVo GO: Key Benefits


Ready to go out-of-the-box

VoCoVo GO systems are beautifully simple and ready to use out of the box. Simply connect the base unit to mains power and the headsets automatically pair, allowing teams to start using the system straight away.


Team communication made simple

Push-to-talk communication is a highly efficient way of keeping team members connected. VoCoVo helps customer-facing teams share and relay information instantly and effortlessly, improving task efficiency and customer service.


A proven cost-saving technology

VoCoVo is a proven way for retail businesses to save money. How? VoCoVo keeps colleagues connected no matter where they are in the building so that they can work more productively, and it helps them to tackle theft more effectively to reduce shrinkage. Click here to learn how VoCoVo could save a convenience store over £11,000 in costs.


Ready to upscale at any time

Although VoCoVo GO is a simple plug-and-play communication system, it can readily be upscaled to suit the needs of the business. A “GO” system can easily be upgraded to an “Enterprise” system, which adds call point, telephony, third-party API and remote Portal management functionality, simply by adding additional hardware. Click here to learn more about VoCoVo Enterprise.

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