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VoCoVo Enterprise Team Headset Communication System

VoCoVo Enterprise is a headset-based team communication system designed and built for customer-facing teams. An upgrade from VoCoVo’s popular GO System, VoCoVo Enterprise integrates VoCoVo’s leading headsets with customer Call Points and Keypads to boost customer experience and drive operational efficiencies.

VoCoVo Enterprise is powered by VoCoVo’s innovative ethernet controller unit, unlocking powerful functionality and integration potential. VoCoVo Enterprise can integrate with telephony systems from most recognised providers, as well as third-party applications like SHELFIE to create a modern, intelligent store or restaurant.

VoCoVo Enterprise systems also come equipped with the new VoCoVo Series 5 Pro headset, the most innovative wireless communication headset on the market today – click here to learn more about the S5 Pro headset.

VoCoVo Enterprise is a wireless headset communication system with powerful functionality and upscaling capabilities. The most widely recognised brand of team communication headset, VoCoVo boosts colleague collaboration, helping them to deliver an exceptional customer experience, deal with theft and antisocial behaviour proactively and feel safer and happier at work.

VoCoVo Enterprise expands on the simple plug-and-play functionality offered by its sister solution, VoCoVo GO, by introducing several intelligent hardware and software extensions:

Call points
When a customer presses the button on a call point, a call goes out to all live headsets and the customer’s call can be answered from anywhere on the premises. Call points help customers to get faster responses to queries, driving improved customer experience, and they allow colleagues to work more flexibly instead of being confined to one area of the store.

Keypads offer the same functionality as a Call Point, but they can be configured with up to 8 different options which tailors the notification which is sent to colleagues’ headsets depending on which part of the button is pressed. This can help customer queries be directed to the right colleague who can provide the right information, elevating customer experience further.

Instead of having to rush to take incoming calls from a handset which could be anywhere in the store, with a significant likelihood of customer calls being missed, VoCoVo can be configured to intercept calls from the business’ telephony system so that colleagues can answer calls from their headsets wherever they are in the store.

Third-party APIs
VoCoVo Enterprise’s controller can integrate with APIs from third-parties, allowing smart notifications to be sent to headsets to drive efficiency. For example, VoCoVo Enterprise systems can receive restocking or suspicious behaviour notifications from SHELFIE‘s AI shelf insights tool, allowing colleagues to respond quicker and provide the best customer service.

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Vocovo Go Retail Users

VoCoVo Enterprise is made up of more components than the simpler GO system, delivering additional functionality so that you can get even closer to your customers.

You can build your perfect VoCoVo Enterprise using the following components:


VoCoVo Series 5 Pro headset. Click here to learn more.

Charger rack

VoCoVo 5-unit desktop modular charger rack (includes power supply).

Vocovo Base Station

Base unit

VoCoVo base station (includes power supply and universal fixing mount).


VoCoVo controller unit (requires additional ethernet cable).

Call Point

VoCoVo customer touch call point button (includes power supply).


VoCoVo customer touch keypad (includes power supply).

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Vocovo Go Base Unit with headset


Plug-and-play colleague headset communication system.

Click here to learn more.

VoCoVo Enterprise: Key Benefits

Vocovo Call Points in Bakery

Get closer to your customers with Call Points and Keypads

VoCoVo users can experience the benefits of Call Point and Keypad hardware extensions. Call Points and Keypads can be located anywhere in the store and programmed to send a message to all active headsets when pressed by a customer. Rather than the customer having to walk to find a colleague or to have a colleague permanently stationed in an area of the store where customers often require help, colleagues can speak directly to the customer through the Call Point or Keypad from their headset, ensuring customer queries are answered quicker and colleagues can be more flexibly deployed across the store.


Never miss phone calls with telephony integration

Especially in hospitality businesses, missing phone calls from customers can be costly. However, having a colleague permanently stationed by a phone detracts from the efficiency that modern businesses are striving to achieve. VoCoVo Enterprise systems are compatible with most telephony providers, and the VoCoVo controller can push incoming phone calls directly to all live headsets for the first available colleague to answer on-the-go. Over time, preventing product and reservation requests from being missed can drive significant revenue gains for the business.


VoCoVo Series 5 Pro Headset included as standard

VoCoVo Enterprise systems come as standard with the brand new Series 5 Pro headset, the most advanced and future-proofed communication headset on the market. The first headset designed exclusively for retail, the Series 5 Pro headset has been built according to specific, direct feedback received from retail leaders who have trusted VoCoVo‘s technology for decades. With improved performance across the board encompassing comfort, durability, power, audio and integration capabilities, the S5 Pro headset has been engineered to take team communication to new levels. Click here to learn more.


Primed for third-party API integration

VoCoVo Enterprise goes beyond offering market-leading push-to-talk communication by providing a platform to integrate third-party APIs for a truly connected retail store or restaurant. VoCoVo’s ethernet Controller, the brains of the VoCoVo Enterprise system, can interpret data from third-party applications including smart shelving, security cameras, self-checkouts and store alarms, and create voice messages which are broadcast instantly to all live headsets. By integrating intelligent applications like SHELFIE with VoCoVo headsets, businesses can be far more responsive so that they can drive efficient working practices and boost customer experience.


Manage your estate using the VoCoVo Portal

If you have an estate of stores, the VoCoVo portal is a highly effective way to get the best out of your hardware. The VoCoVo portal can be used to remotely administer and manage VoCoVo Enterprise systems (which are powered by an ethernet controller) as well as track performance and monitor system usage for individual stores through to the entire estate. Using the VoCoVo Portal, administrators can maintain the strength and health of VoCoVo systems remotely, access reporting and analytics dashboards, and cast messages directly to headsets in their chosen stores (either bulk or individually).

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