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VoCoVo customer success story: No.1 Lounges Club Aspire – Heathrow T3

Lounges allow travellers to escape from the hustle and bustle of airport life by providing a quiet and comfortable pre-flight experience. Whether flying for business or pleasure, travellers can relax and unwind in luxury while enjoying a range of complimentary food and drinks before their onward journeys.

Terminal 3 Heathrow

No.1 Lounges offer quiet and comfortable pre-flight havens in some of the UK and USA’s busiest airports – regardless of their travel ticket class.

No. 1 Lounges provides sanctuary for travellers in some of the UK and USA’s busiest airports, including London Heathrow Terminals 3 and 5. No. 1 Lounges’ Club Aspire Heathrow T3 was recently declared the World’s Leading Airport Lounge by The World Travel Awards, yet they are always striving to improve. They found that team communication was often a “struggle”, and searched for a solution to keep team members better connected across all areas of the lounge.


Team communication and customer experience go hand-in-hand

Club Aspire Lounge Heathrow T3 welcomes all travellers regardless of airline or ticket travel class. Club Aspire Lounge is often the refuge of choice for both business and leisure travellers thanks to its runway views and work zones, and the Lounge’s Customer Attendants are on hand to provide the most relaxing and comfortable environment for guests.

Despite their excellent reputation, Club Aspire identified that team communication could be improved across the lounge as a whole. Having to walk to find a team member was costing valuable time throughout every shift, distracting Attendants’ attention from their guests. Subsequently, they searched for a solution which would allow colleagues to communicate quickly and discreetly no matter where they are in the lounge.

Club Aspire approached communication specialists RadioComs Systems Ltd for a consultation. RadioComs recommended VoCoVo, a proven communication tool for customer-facing colleagues to collaborate better and improve customer service. A discreet and easy-to-use headset solution, VoCoVo can connect colleagues across the lounge simply and reliably.

“We needed better and faster communication, especially on the dot, and VoCoVo had been recommended by our IT Director.
“In a word, we would describe VoCoVo as “great”! We can communicate just like a phone call throughout the day and the headsets are easy to use.”

István Varga | Lounge Manager


A discrete, lightweight and simple way for teams to communicate

Lounge Attendant Using a Headset

No.1 Lounge Attendants can now stay connected across all areas of the lounge. By responding to situations faster and more discreetly, they can deliver the exceptional service you would expect from the World’s Leading Airport Lounge.

When assessing ways to improve the way colleagues communicate, Club Aspire Lounge identified the need for a two-way communication solution. Two-way radios are well known for allowing colleagues to communicate quickly and concisely across a site, but are not always discreet enough for customer-facing teams and can be heavy, bulky units.

VoCoVo allows team members to communicate at the touch of a button using one open talk group via a stylish, lightweight headset. VoCoVo is easy to use and set up; it simply requires connection to mains power and the headsets themselves blend perfectly with any team uniform.

Ruth Nixon, RadioComs Account Manager, commented: “No.1 Lounges had three key requirements – discrete, lightweight, and simple to operate – and they embraced the suggestion of a wireless headset from the start. The technology from VoCoVo has complimented the award-winning team, further enhancing the excellent customer experience they consistently deliver.”


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