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Upcoming webinar in association with DJI – “Why aren’t drones EVERYWHERE…?”

Awareness of drone technology is increasing as more and more innovations for commercial applications become available. But with this being the case, why don’t you see drones everywhere…?

On Friday 11th August at 10:00am (BST), Syndico will host a live webinar in association with DJI Enterprise, exploring just why it is that you don’t see drones perhaps as often as you would expect.

Our online event will adopt a “round table” format, where we put a series of open questions to a panel of experts from across the UK drone industry for discussion and debate.


Meet our panelists

We have assembled a panel with a wide spread of expertise across the drone industry.

Andrew Bird – Brand Manager, Syndico
Andrew is responsible for all drone-related activities at Syndico as the Brand Manager looking after DJI products. Andrew is an experienced sales professional with exceptional relationship skills.

Burhan Ahmed – Technical Team, Syndico
Burhan supports Syndico’s DJI customers with all-things technical, from training to technical support and advice on how to best use DJI’s commercial drone innovations.

Rebecca Jones – CEO, Iprosurv
Rebecca is the Chief Executive Officer of Iprosurv which provides end-to-end drone solutions to clients in a variety of commercial sectors across the UK, including fortune 500 companies and global organisations.

Graham Brown – Chair, ARPAS-UK
Graham is the Chair of ARPAS-UK, a non-profit association which represents the UK drone industry. With ARPAS-UK, Graham promotes best practice, collaboration and information sharing among professional across the industry.

Sergey Georgiev – Legal and Program Manager, DJI Enterprise
In Sergey’s role at DJI, he helps public safety entities and enterprise customers to start and grow their drone programmes. Sergey was simply a drone enthusiast when studying law, and now he deals with drones every day for his job!


What can you expect to learn?

Our webinar will address key topics, including:

  • The safety implications of using drones for commercial applications.
  • How drones can produce fast profitability gains.
  • Current and future legislation which impacts the drone market in the UK.
  • What we can learn from drone markets around the world.


To register for the webinar, please click here to view our webinar registration page.

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