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Unleashing the Skies: DJI announces the FlyCart 30 for dynamic aerial deliveries

DJI, the global leader in drone technology, has unveiled its latest marvel – the DJI FlyCart 30.

A long-distance heavy lifting drone for dynamic aerial delivery, the FlyCart 30 is packed with cutting-edge features and designed to deliver a safe, economical and efficient aerial transport solution for flexible deployment.

Although it is currently unclear how it could be used in the UK due to drone flying regulations relating to flying within visual line of sight, DJI FlyCart 30 presents several new and exciting opportunities for commercial drone operators.

Here are 5 key features that you should know about the DJI FlyCart 30.


Compact and Portable Design

The DJI FlyCart 30 boasts a sleek and compact design that doesn’t compromise on performance. With foldable arms and a lightweight frame, this drone is incredibly portable. Despite its exceptional carrying capabilities (see the next section), its foldable design makes it easy to transport and fast to deploy.


Advanced Carrying Capabilities

DJI FlyCart 30 is truly a next-generation drone, prepared for the future use of drone technology. It can carry heavy payloads over long distances at speeds of up to 20m/s with up to 40kg of load attached.

Key carrying performance specifications:

  • 40kg max payload (single battery); 30kg max payload (dual batteries)
  • 28km max flight distance (no payload); 16km max flying distance (30kg payload and dual batteries)
  • 20m/s max speed (with carbon fibre propellors)
  • 15m/s cruising speed

Click here for full specifications.


Advanced Flight Performance

Equipped with state-of-the-art flight technology, DJI FlyCart 30 ensures a smooth and stable flight experience. Its intelligent flight modes, including waypoint navigation and automatic return-to-home, make it user-friendly for efficient delivery missions. The drone’s precise hovering capability allows for stable cargo drop-offs, even in challenging weather conditions.

When it comes to safety, FlyCart 30 is equipped with intelligent obstacle sensing, integrated parachute and multi-level redundancy thanks to dual-battery operation. It also comes with DJI’s latest controller, RC Plus, for smooth and effortless control which includes support for Dual Operator Mode.


New software platform – DJI DeliveryHub

DJI DeliveryHub is a new bespoke software application built for the FlyCart 30. DeliveryHub is a one-stop aerial delivery management platform which makes drone delivery flights safe, efficient and immersive.

With features including Smart Task Planning, Status Monitoring, Route Planning, Location Management, Device Management and Maintenance and more, DeliveryHub provides the foundation for businesses to build safe and efficient drone delivery programmes. Click here to learn more about DeliveryHub.


Intuitive Remote Controller

DJI FlyCart 30 comes with the DJI RC Plus remote controller as standard. RC Plus is DJI’s flagship controller with a huge feature set including IP54 rating, 6 hour battery life and enhanced transmission even up to 20km.

But despite its high-grade feature set, it is a user-friendly remote controller that puts you in complete control. Its ergonomic design and intuitive controls make piloting the drone effortless; its 7inch high resolution and brightness display provides real-time information, including battery status, GPS data, and camera settings, ensuring a seamless and immersive flying experience.


Initial Conclusions

Currently, it is not clear how DJI FlyCart 30 can be used in the UK. However, this exciting development in drone technology brings new possibilities for businesses in the very near future. We are also not yet sure about the DJI FlyCart 30 release date, but you can keep up to date with the latest news from Syndico via our News and Insights page.

To explore DJI’s existing commercial drone solutions, please visit If you’re interested in becoming a DJI Enterprise reseller partner, please contact Andrew Bird today on 01489 287 287 or email

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