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Syndico partners with the Association of Convenience Stores (ACS)

Syndico is delighted to have partnered with the Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) as a Connect Supplier Member.

ACS represents over 33,500 local shops in the UK, acting as their voice via lobbying, advice and networking activities. Accounting for over £45bn in sales during 2022, the convenience sector employs over 405,000 staff who serve local communities everywhere. According to ACS’s 2022 Local Shop Report, 78% of customers agree that “local shops are good for the environment”, given that they are often within walking distance.

Syndico is excited to network and build new relationships within the convenience retail sector. Given our extensive expertise with push-to-talk voice technology, we know that colleague communication is a vital function within retail businesses in order to improve customer experience and drive efficiencies which can translate into significant cost savings.

Prevent Retail Theft

VoCoVo allows retail colleagues to communicate instantly, clearly and discreetly wherever they are on the premises to help them improve customer experience in-store, work more productively and effectively combat theft. Visit to learn more.

Syndico is the exclusive UK distribution partner of VoCoVo, whose headset communication solution is loved and trusted by some of the UK’s leading retail brands including ASDA, B&Q and Wickes. Both large and small retail businesses report significant improvements in team collaboration, customer experience, staff satisfaction and profitability as a result of implementing VoCoVo systems.

We are excited to talk to ACS members about our range of VoCoVo solutions for retail – to learn more click here or contact our retail communication expert Kane Brewer today on 01489 287 287.

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