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Sonim Ultra-Rugged Smartphones

Sonim ultra-rugged LTE handsets were purpose-built to serve workers operating in harsh, mission-critical circumstances. With multi-shift battery life, built-in PTT buttons and IP69 rating, Sonim devices set the highest standards of rugged performance.

Putting the “ultra” in “ultra-rugged”

Many people working in harsh environments rely on handheld devices to carry out their day-to-day tasks. However, selecting a device which provides the ruggedness, features and longevity required can be a challenge.

Sonim devices thrive in harsh environments. They are built to IP69 certification and come as standard with a 3 year manufacturer warranty – the most comprehensive on the market today. They are also intrinsically safe, making them suitable for use in the presence of explosive substances in environments like mines, oil rigs and ships.

Sonim XP10: the ultra-rugged 5G phone


More powerful and durable than traditional two-way radios and standard consumer phones, Sonim XP10 was built tough to thrive in the most extreme environments. With 5G connectivity, XP10 users can rely on fast and stable communications wherever they are.

Each Sonim rugged phone meets Sonim’s Rugged Performance Standards, consisting of 12 benchmarks of endurance and durability based on over 10 years of customer feedback. They are so confident in the durability of their devices that they them with a comprehensive 3 year warranty.

Sonim XP10 home

Sonim Rugged Performance Standards


When Sonim set out to build phones, there were no standards for ultra-rugged mobile devices – so they created them. Based on over ten years of feedback from customer usage in the world’s most extreme environments, Sonim Rugged Performance Standards (RPS) consist of 12 benchmarks of endurance and durability.

In mission critical situations, communication failure is not an option. So every Sonim device is designed and built to meet the most punishing, demanding, exacting standards in the industry. Thanks to RPS, Sonim sets the standard that all rugged devices must live up to.

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