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Savox HC-200 Helmet Com


Savox HC-200 Helmet-Com headset is a dual microphone headset.This modular helmet mounted headset is ideal for professionals working in hazardous conditions, designed especially to meet the communication needs of fire fighters.Savox HC-200 Helmet-Com headset offers unique modularity and good audio performance, ideal for professionals with varying tasks.

Savox HC-200 Helmet-Com offers the unique possibility to use the bone conduction microphone as well as the boom microphone. The same speaker part hosts the in-built bone conduction microphone and also adapts two different boom microphone options. The bone conducting microphone can be switched on by rotating the boom mic back to its park position. The user can choose the correct microphone for each operation and optimize the audio quality. The boom microphones offer excellent audio quality in high noise environments like on a scene of a traffic accident. The bone conducting microphone is used when a face mask is needed, for example when smoke diving.

Microphone Options: boom and skull mic, short and skull mic.


Key benefits:

  • Best in class audio performance
  • In-built bone conduction microphone and additional boom microphone – the user can choose the active microphone
  • The bone microphone can easily be activated by rotating back the boom microphone
  • Rugged and durable design
  • Adapts to a wide range of helmets
  • Can be used with any Savox Classic Remote Speaker Microphone or Push-to Talk with the 4-pole quick release connector
HC-200 Boom Microphone

HC-200 Helmet Com with boom and skull mic

HC-200 Microphone

HC-200 Helmet Com with short and skull mic

Savox HC-100 Spare

HC-100 spare boom mic

Microphone Accessories

HC-100 spare short mic

Boom Microphone HC-100

Replacement boom mic windshields

Order a Savox HC-200 Helmet Com

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