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Samsung Galaxy TabActive Pro


Business doesn’t just take place in the office, so the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Pro helps you stay productive wherever work takes you. Its rugged design with military standard durability, IP68 and anti-shock build lets you seamlessly work both in and outdoors when there’s a task at hand.

Digitisation is forcing a massive step change on businesses and organisations of all sizes and from all types of industries. On the one hand they are constantly looking to delight digitally-minded customers. On the other, they need to meet new digital entrants head-on to gain greater efficiencies and maximise profitability.

This is where rugged innovations are making the digital transformation challenge much more interesting and simpler — removing high cost, low value manual tasks with high value, lower cost experiences. Samsung are at the forefront of this change by providing more accessible rugged technology tools to help level the playing field and secure a richer and more profitable future.


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Defence-grade security for your business
Keep your company data safe with the defence-grade security of Knox Platform that protects your device from the chip up. Knox Configure lets you automate configuration and customization, while Knox Manage and Enterprise FOTA make remote device management and deployment of security patches a snap.

Rugged to work where you need to go
Taps and bumps are no problem thanks to an anti-shock build and protective case that put your mind at ease. IP68 and MIL-STD 810G* durability give resistance to water, dust and shocks so you can get to the places where work happens. The 10.1 inch screen provides a spacious canvas to get things done.

Power to get through your work
Work as long as you need to, wherever work takes you. With the replaceable battery in the Galaxy Tab Active Pro, you can cruise through a day of meetings, post content from an event, or spend a day out in the field. Easily swap out your long life battery for a fully charged additional one (sold separately). So, no more searching for spare charging points.

Securely unlock in an instant
With built-in biometric security it doesn’t matter who gets their hands on your Galaxy Tab Active Pro – only you can unlock it using your unique fingerprint or facial profile. Face recognition lets you put an end to pin codes and allows easy unlocking with one hand or when wearing gloves.

The effortless S Pen on the go
Don’t let demanding conditions stop you capturing data. The S Pen comes included with the Galaxy Tab Active Pro and never needs charging. Capture customers’ digital signatures take notation in clean environments without touching the screen and create map overlays or sketch out ideas on the go. The S Pen is highly responsive, enabling precision input, even with gloved hands—making it as flexible as your itinerary.

A PC-like experience
Featured for the first time in a rugged tablet, Samsung DeX connects the Galaxy Tab Active Pro to a monitor with a single cable* for a PC-like experience. No cable? No problem. Switch to DeX mode and use your tablet like a PC. Have multiple windows open, quickly draft emails and send status reports back from the field, then back in the office move to extensive editing and collaboration on a bigger screen.

Link devices to make your business more mobile
Enhanced Near Field Communication (NFC) with EMV Level 1 certification makes your device into a mobile point of sale (mPOS) for easy payment processing from where you stand. Plus use your device to check employee ID and scan barcodes to make your business more mobile and linked than ever before.

Workforce Connect from Zebra Technologies is an enterprise push-to-talk app which can help to boost efficiency, productivity and safety across the whole business. Push-to-talk communication allows colleagues to communicate faster and clearer – it removes the unnecessary time it takes to make phone calls, allows teams to communicate on a wider scale rather than just one-to-one, and can connect teams both inside and outside the organisation’s four walls.

Many businesses rely on smart devices for vital everyday functions like scanning, data management and job ticketing, so Workforce Connect is an easy way to bolt push-to-talk communication onto existing infrastructure. The fewer devices a worker has to carry, the more efficiently they can carry out their job – Workforce Connect allows workers to do it all from their chosen device which could be a smartphone, tablet, PDA or Windows PC.

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