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Smart Push-to-Talk Communication Solutions

Attach enterprise-grade two-way radio functionality to your business’ smart devices. Improve colleague communication, promote efficient working and unlock cost-savings for the business.

Push-to-Talk improves the way businesses communicate

Push-to-talk is a method of communication where you can reach one or many other users instantly at the touch of a button. Push-to-talk is advantageous for businesses because it allows colleagues to communicate faster and via a portable device; two-way radios have been traditionally popular, but they are often large units which offer no additional functionality.

Smart Push-to-Talk is a way to attach enterprise-grade two-way radio functionality onto a smart device, delivering a number of benefits to both the user and the business:


Save employees from carrying multiple devices by giving them one device which does everything they need.

Significantly improve efficiency and productivity across the business by helping them to communicate more effectively.

• Allow employees to communicate instantly no matter where they are located – either inside or outside the four walls of the business.


Why invest in Push-to-Talk?

Investing in your teams’ communication can unlock new efficiencies across the entire business. This can mean greater productivity, happier customers and stronger financial performance.

Efficient communication

Push-to-talk allows you to communicate faster with either one or multiple colleagues no matter where you are. Turn your smart device into a two-way radio but with no geographical limitations – as long as you are connected to a cellular or Wi-Fi network, you can make and receive PTT calls.

Improved teamwork

PTT makes it easier for colleagues to reach each other either one-to-one or in a talk group. Colleagues are more likely to collaborate effectively if it is easy to find a specific person or a member of a team without physically looking for them or calling round individuals – especially when they are on the move.

Business efficiencies

When staff can communicate instantly wherever they are from a device they can always have with them, they can be more flexibly deployed around the business. These efficiency gains quickly create opportunities for cost-savings and increased profitability.

Could you boost communication in your business?
Book your free consultation today!

Could you boost communication in your business? Book your free consultation today!

Discover our Smart Push-to-Talk products

We have partnered with the leading communication technology brands to make up the most reliable and efficient Smart Push-to-Talk solutions on the market.


Zebra Workforce Connect

Zebra Workforce Connect PTT Pro attaches enterprise-grade two-way radio functionality to a smart device such as a smartphone, touch computer, scanner or tablet.

Click here to learn more.


Samsung Enterprise

Samsung’s range of rugged phones and tablets are made for businesses. Robust enough for heavy use, replaceable batteries, hard PTT buttons and secured by Knox MDM.

Click here to learn more.


Sonim Ultra-Rugged

Sonim are market leaders in ultra-rugged smart devices. Their latest flagship, the XP10, combines the most rugged design standards with the latest Android OS and fast speeds.

Click here to learn more.

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