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KENWOOD Complete Communication Systems

With a proven track record of reliability, performance, and customer satisfaction, KENWOOD is a brand you can trust to build a complete communication system with all the functionality, reliability and scalability you need.

KENWOOD‘s market-leading range of complete PMR solutions are designed to provide clear and efficient communication, even in challenging environments, ensuring that teams can stay connected seamlessly.

KENWOOD has established itself as a reputable brand for two-way radio solutions for several compelling reasons. KENWOOD is renowned for delivering high-quality products with cutting-edge technology and offering true value to customers – values which align perfectly with those of Syndico.

If you’re looking for a complete PMR communication solution, here are three KENWOOD products which you should know about:


NX-3000 Series

KENWOOD NX-3220 and NX-3320 digital two-way radios are versatile hand-portables which are suited to professional users. Supporting both DMR and NXDN digital protocols, these rugged and reliable radios are packed with useful features including  Bluetooth and GPS and can add value to numerous enterprise-and operation-critical applications.


NXR-1000 Series

KENWOOD NXR-1700E and NXR-1800E2 are compact, multi-mode conventional repeaters. Given their compact form factor, installation of the repeaters is flexible and they can easily be positioned where space is limited. NXR-1700/1800 comes as standard as analogue only, however you can order these models from Syndico with the DMR Tier 2 licence pre-installed.



KENWOOD KAS-20 is an all-in-one Dispatch and AVL solution for NEXEDGE Gen2 Trunking, Trunk C, NXDN IP conventional and DMR IP conventional. KAS-20 AVL and Dispatch Software is compatible with KENWOOD digital radio systems and runs on Windows and Windows Server. It offers a cost-effective way to start a basic AVL and dispatch system for a business.

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Why choose KENWOOD?

KENWOOD’s commitment to durability and ruggedness makes their radios suitable for a diverse range of industries, from construction and manufacturing to emergency services and healthcare.

Additionally, their user-friendly interfaces and advanced features enhance operational efficiency, allowing teams to focus on their tasks without struggling with complicated equipment.

Exceptional value

KENWOOD two-way radio systems offer high-level functionality but at a great price point, ensuring that businesses get the best possible value for their investment. KENWOOD also offers a full suite of accessories for each product, ensuring that they can be tailored to every individual application.

Total flexibility

KENWOOD radios support multi-protocol operation, making them extremely versatile. KENWOOD models support analogue, digital and KENWOOD NEXEDGE (NXDN) protocols. Their repeater-based systems can also be incredibly versatile – the NXR-1000 Series repeater is ultra-compact, making it ideal for installation where space is limited.

Renowned quality

KENWOOD radios are built to the highest industry standards. A Japanese brand, KENWOOD is one of the World’s leading communications manufacturers whose two-way radios are well known for their exceptional audio quality, ensuring that important communication is never missed.

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