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Hytera PD795IS


DISCONTINUED – please note that these products have been discontinued and replaced with Hytera HP795Ex.

Whether on an oil rig, in a coal mine, gas station or any other potentially explosive environment, safe and reliable communications are paramount. Hytera deeply understands the challenges for users in hazardous and harsh environments.

In order to meet the increasing demands of intrinsically safe and reliable communications, Hytera presents the PD795IS, the “ia” rated explosion-proof DMR radio. They are safe to work in places which contain various long-standing explosive mixed gases (even coal mine methane), including coal mines, gas stations, oil platforms and rigs, chemical plants, flour mills and airports.


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“ia” protection classification
The whole radio with battery is designed to comply with the highest grade of intrinsic safety, “ia”. It can work in the places which contain various long-standing explosive mixed gases and dusts; it has passed ATEX, FM and IECEx certification.

Innovative silicone encapsulating technology
Silicone encapsulation technology can prevent the internal circuits from interface with air and liquid, which effectively stops the intrusion of liquid, inflammable dust and explosive gas.

Innovative antistatic design
PD795IS display adopts antistatic material and the shell adopts antistatic patent design of dual material molding technology. These can reduce the possibility of static discharge on the radio.

Structure design of screw internal trapping
The screw of the belt clip is designed as internal trapping. It ensures no contact between the metal and the ground in case of drop, and avoids discharge.

Strict PCB design and high EMC performance
To achieve a higher explosion-proof safety level, Hytera PD795IS adopts optimal PCB layout design. All the key components of PCB are covered with shield, which minimizes the circuit fault probability and features better performance of EMC.

Light metal design
PD795IS shell is made of light metal to ensure no mechanical spark; it can effectively maximise the reliability in explosive environments.

Patented battery latch design
To disengage the battery from the radio, you need to move the lock and bolt of the latch along with two different axes. Such a patented design ensures no disengagement of the battery pack from the main radio in case of dropping that might cause spark.

The PD795IS screen is made of tough and crack-proof material.


Display and full keypad “ia” ATEX-certified digital two-way radio with GPS. Available in VHF (136-174MHz) and UHF (400-470MHz).

RRP: £1,260.00 | €1,470.00 (ex. VAT)

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