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Digital mobile radio

Hytera MD785i

MD785i offers some of the best functionality from a digital mobile radio in a robust, professional form factor.

As a product built to the DMR standard, Hytera MD785i is endowed with ergonomic design, all-round digital functionality and remarkable quality. These features improve management personnel’s efficiency and the ability to respond to emerging situations effectively.

Ideal for in-vehicle or desktop communication requirements, MD785i boasts a range of high-end features including GPS, single-frequency repeater mode and full-duplex call capability. Investing in MD785i radios can therefore significantly boost an organisation’s ability to communicate securely, reliably and efficiently.

MD785i: from £369.00 (ex. VAT)

MD785i (full duplex/SFR): from £772.00 (ex. VAT)


User friendly
The large colour display offers a clear screen even under strong sunlight. The large keyboard and seven ergonomic programmable keys facilitate efficient and productive communications in various conditions.

Reliable and durable
MD785i complies to both MIL-STD-810G and IP54 standards, ensuring outstanding performance even in harsh environments.

DMO true 2-slot
In DMO mode, MD785i provides 2-slot communication, which allows for 2 talk paths on one frequency simultaneously.

Remote control head
The remote control kit (an optional extra) offers you great flexibility. You can install the control console and the mains unit at separate locations based on actual requirements.

Full duplex call (optional)
Hytera MD785i can provide full duplex calls with Hytera MD785i or PD985 and telephones or mobile phones in DMO or RMO mode.

Single frequency repeater mode (optional)
When SFR is enabled, MD785i uses one slot to receive voice and data then transmits them on the alternate slot. This allows users to extend the communication range on an ad-hoc basis in DMO mode.

Telemetry is helpful for operator real-time remote monitoring. It can be used to check a device’s running status and control the devices.

GPS (optional)
With optional built-in GPS module, MD785i uploads its location to AVL applications in real-time.

Enlarge communication range
With 50W transmit power output and higher RX sensitivity, MD785i increased the communication range by reducing your network investment.

Smooth migration
The MD785i can operate in analogue and digital modes, ensuring a smooth and seamless migration between the two technologies. Simple, smooth and cost-effective.

Analogue signalling
MD785i supports DTMF, 5 tone, HDC12000 and 2 tone signalling to help with the migration from analogue to digital technology.

Secure communication
MD785i series supports both basic and advanced encryption technology. This provides a high level of security protection for your voice and data communications.

MD785i supports automatic roaming at all sites in an IP multi-site connect system.

Text message
This feature is useful for communicating sensitive information or when in noisy environments where it it is hard to hear the voice clearly.

Back-to-back solution
The back-to-back solution achieves cross-band communication between analogue and digital modes. With a back-to-back date cable, two MD785i mobile radios can be connected to achieve intercommunication between different systems.


Digital mobile radio with full display, available in VHF (136 – 174MHz) or UHF (400 – 470MHz):

  • low power (1-25W) or high power (1-45W VHF; 5-50W UHF)
  • with or without GPS

RRP: from £369.00 (ex. VAT)


MD785i (full duplex)
Digital mobile radio with full display, available in VHF (136 – 174MHz) or UHF (400 – 470MHz):

  • with single-frequency repeater (licence required) and full duplex functionality
  • low power (1-25W) or high power (1-45W)
  • with or without GPS

RRP: from £772.00 (ex. VAT)

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