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Hytera HR1065


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Nowadays, different kinds of challenges come to us, whether in public safety, public utilities or commercial industry, we all have a lot of pressure to handle our day to day tasks. For better safety and efficiency throughout your organization, instant communication is one of the most important requirements.

To ensure that your voice and data communication can reach everyone and everywhere, Hytera provides the HR1065 series repeater, which represents the next generation digital repeater, to meet your demands for communication coverage and delivering reliable and high-performance radio network services.

Hytera H Series radios from Hytera are the next-generation range of digital radio communication products from the leading professional communications manufacturer in the world. H Series radios boast some of the most advanced features on the market, delivering unparalleled value to users who need it the most. Click here to learn more.


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Economical 1U structure
The 1U height of the HR1065 series makes it compact, thus reducing space requirements for installation.

Wide coverage
The communication range of HR1065 series is extended with enhanced Rx sensitivity. And the Ethernet port enables access to IP networks, which provides the capability for the HR1065 to connect everyone and everywhere.

AC/DC auto-switch
HR1065 series supports both AC and DC and AD/DC auto switching.

Analogue & digital auto-switch
The HR1065 series can support mixed channel mode to detect the receiving signal, then automatically switch between analogue and digital mode. This offers an easy way to migrate to digital from analogue.

The HR1065 series repeater offers standard version and an enhanced version. Both versions support all the general features, while the Enhanced version adopts a built-in co-processor board to enable more advanced features. This offers more options for users to choose according to their actual needs.

Outstanding Performance
The enhanced version of HR1065 adopts an add-on quad-core 1.6GHz co-processor and 2G RAM for fast processing speed, which can process the services faster and integrate more applications.

High integration
The enhanced version of HR1065 is integrated with router and SIP gateway features. Less devices and simplified management. It offers a cost-effective solution for your network construction.

Convenient management
In the enhanced version a web-based back end platform has been designed to simplify repeater management. Configuration, upgrade and real-time diagnosis can all be completed through a web browser, which is ideal for remote management.

High security
The enhanced version of HR1065 also adopts SNMP3.0 technology to enhance communication security. All your data is fully protected during the communication.


5-50W digital repeater with built-in mains power supply. VHF (136 – 174 MHz) or UHF (400 – 470 MHz).

5-50W digital repeater with built-in mains power supply and enhanced features. VHF (136 – 174 MHz) or UHF (400 – 470 MHz).

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