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Two-Way Radio and Rugged Smartphone Hire

Need a communication system for a short or fixed-term but don’t want to commit to purchasing it? Discover our range of communication hire solutions!

Need to hire two-way radios?

Hiring two-way radios is a simple and cost-effective way to fulfill the requirement for two-way radios over either short or long term periods. Two-way radios are used for instant communication between colleagues, either one-to-one, one-to-many or one-to-all, and are essential for large events, hospitality events, construction projects and more.

We have a range of digital two-way radios and rugged smartphones available to hire from as little as £6 per device per week. Whatever your requirement, we have a solution for you – and our helpful team are here to ensure you find what is right for you.


Two-way radio hire

Two-way radios or walkie-talkies are popular because they are provide simple, rugged and reliable push-to-talk communication. Our Hytera two-way radios are IP67 rated against dust and water ingress, ensuring that they perform even in harsh environments. Our hire radios come with battery, antenna, belt clip and wrist strap, and are supplied with a choice of either single or six-way chargers.


Rugged smartphone hire

There are plenty of benefits to choosing smart devices for your hire requirement, including limitless talk range, over-the-air device management and multi-application use. We have a fleet of Samsung rugged smartphones with Workforce Connect PTT installed and ready to go, and are all supplied with battery and charger as standard. And for events like festivals, smart devices can be used for more than just communication, such as ticket scanning and other multimedia functions.

Hire two-way radios for a range of applications

Our two-way radios and rugged smartphones are popular choices for providing communications to teams across a wide range of applications.

Large events

Large events like festivals need a reliable communication system which connects every team member instantly and across the entire site, but they often only need the system for a few weeks in the year. Hire is therefore the perfect option for them!

Hospitality events

Hospitality events can often be logistically complex but require staff to deliver exceptional customer service. In order to do this, team members need to be equipped for the right tools to stay in constant communication.

Construction projects

Construction sites can often be dusty and wet, and any devices used on-site need to be able to withstand constant harsh treatment. Our range of two-way radios and rugged smartphones are perfect for construction projects which require on-site communications for a fixed-term.

Fixed-term projects

Fixed-term projects come in all shapes and sizes, and always require teams to be able to communicate instantly and flexibly as the project progresses. Our range of hire devices are perfect for these projects, and can be built around each project’s specific requirements.

Interested in hiring two-way radios or rugged smartphones?

Speak to us today on 01489 287 287, email or fill in the form below to find out more. Your enquiry will be dealt with by one of our friendly experts – we are happy to help!