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DJI Enterprise drones for Emergency Services

Drones for emergency services from DJI Enterprise enable first responders to use aerial and thermal insights to respond effectively to any situation. Drones enable emergency service operators to see the “big picture” quickly and safety, facilitating positive and successful decision-making.

How and why do emergency services use drones?

Drones are a fast, safe and accurate way to survey or inspect an area from above. Aerial perspective, along with insights provided by thermal camera technology, can help emergency services and first responders to make accurate, informed decisions.

Drones are especially useful to first responders who need to very quickly obtain a “big picture” view of a situation. It can be very hard to see everything from the ground, and using a helicopter can often take too long to deploy and is very expensive. Drones offer a simple, safe and cost-effective solution which can be switched on, set up and deployed in a matter of minutes.

DJI Enterprise drones are adding value across several emergency services applications, including:


Obtaining an aerial “big picture” view of a situation can help firefighters to make informed decisions, maximise safety and limit damage. DJI drones with thermal cameras can show a pilot a split-screen view of a situation (thermal vs. normal) allowing them to quickly identify danger.


Police units across the UK are using drones to coordinate their response to emergency situations by obtaining a “big picture” aerial perspective. Drones are an innovative, safe and cost-effective way for Police teams to reduce response times and protect officers and members of the public.

Search and rescue

Search and rescue missions are often very challenging given that they often take place in remote or harsh areas (or both). Drones can be used to search wide areas quickly without risking the safety of search teams, and can identify thermal signatures which can lead the rescue team to missing people or animals.

Crash site reconstruction

Although it is vital to reopen travel routes quickly and safely after an incident, there is obvious sensitivity around the management of crash sites. Using DJI Terra, DJI Enterprise drones can create a highly accurate 3D reconstruction of a crash so that a site can be cleaned up and reopened without hindering an investigation.

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How do DJI drones add value during emergency situations?

Emergency services and first responders can experience several benefits by employing DJI Enterprise drone technology, including:

Fast intel

Because they show the “big picture” within minutes of being deployed, emergency services can use drones to gather intel immediately for fast decision-making.

Response coordination

Aerial and thermal insights obtained from drones make it easier for emergency response teams to coordinate their efforts.

Reduced risk

Drones boost the safety of first responders by helping them to gather information from a safe distance. And the intel which is gathered eliminates guesswork and improves decision-making.

Discover DJI Enterprise solutions for drone inspections

DJI Enterprise has a range of commercial-grade solutions which help first responders to quickly, accurately and cost-effectively obtain a big-picture view of a situation.

Our DJI Enterprise drones for emergency services are equipped with the latest flight technology for performance even in adverse weather, and integrate thermal technology into their fixed or attached cameras depending on the model.

DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise

Mavic 3 Thermal

Compact and foldable drone for emergency services. Easy to carry and fast to deploy, with 48MP wide, 12MP 56x hybrid zoom and 640 x 512 thermal cameras.


Matrice 30T

Rugged drone for first responders. Combines foldable design with aviation-grade flight technology for reliable aerial and thermal surveillance during critical situations.


Matrice 350 RTK

Flagship commercial-grade drone inspired by modern aviation systems. Features next-generation video transmission, battery management and flight safety technology.


Zenmuse H30 Series

Flagship all-weather multi-sensor payloads with exceptional zoom (H30) and thermal (H30T) capabilities. Compatible with Matrice 35 RTK drones.


DJI Terra

Industry-standard 3D drone mapping software. Create highly detailed and accurate 3D reconstructions of crime or road collision scenes to aid investigations.


DJI FlightHub 2

Manage live drone operations, analyse flight data and plan drone missions for synchronised and efficient management of all drone operations.

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