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Drone Surveying with DJI Enterprise

Drone surveying solutions from DJI Enterprise allow complex jobs to be completed quickly, safely and with ease. Explore DJI Enterprise drone products which can deliver highly accurate and comprehensive results in a fraction of the time compared with traditional surveying methods.

What exactly is drone surveying?

Drones are a fast, accurate and efficient way of collecting survey data. Surveying large or complex areas – or both – can present numerous challenges to ground teams, hence why drones are being utilised more by surveying teams.

DJI Enterprise surveying drones deploy a range of camera technologies to capture rich data from the air, allowing surveyors to quickly, safely and cost-effectively produce highly accurate results to aid decision-making.

DJI Enterprise drones are adding value across several surveying applications, including:

Land surveying

Collect accurate geo-tagged data quicker than compared with aerial surveying methods and process data with state-of-the-art software applications.

Urban planning

Create both 2D and 3D models which can integrate seamlessly with local geographic information systems, creating more visual results to aid decision-making.


Collect accurate data which can boost decision-making through each stage of architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) projects.

Resource management

Survey and track natural resources in rich detail and on a large scale, producing accurate maps and telemetry data.

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How are DJI drones helping surveyors?

Surveyors are increasingly turning to DJI Enterprise drone technology to simultaneously improve the output of their surveys and unlock efficiency and profitability gains.

Improved efficiency

More efficient collection of geographical information and streamlined data processing delivering improved data output.

Reduced costs

Save on the cost of equipment and labour by covering larger areas in a single drone flight and automating data collection and analysis with software applications.

Standardised deliverables

Create industry-standard deliverables from the data collected during drone missions like DSM, DOM and 3D models, all from DJI Enterprise software applications.

Discover DJI Enterprise solutions for drone surveying

DJI Enterprise has a range of commercial-grade solutions for improving quality and accuracy of surveys. Investing in the right drone hardware and smart software solutions for their requirements can help surveyors to produce the best results while boosting efficiency and reducing costs.

DJI Mavic 3 Thermal

Mavic 3 Enterprise

Everyday commercial surveying drone. Compact, easy to carry and fast to deploy, M3E combines zoom and wide cameras to capture highly accurate images for survey data output.


Matrice 30

Rugged commercial-grade surveying drone. Combines foldable design with aviation-grade flight technology to deliver accurate aerial surveys even in harsh conditions.


Matrice 350 RTK

Flagship commercial-grade drone inspired by modern aviation systems. Features next-generation video transmission, battery management and flight safety technology.


Zenmuse L2

The latest surveying camera payload from DJI which combines frame LiDAR, self-developed high-accuracy IMU and a 4/3 CMOS RGB mapping camera.


Zenmuse P1

Camera payload designed for photogrammetry flight missions. Compatible with Matrice 300 RTK drones and DJI Terra mapping software.


DJI Terra

Industry-standard 3D drone mapping software. Create highly detailed and accurate 3D maps using data captured during drone missions in just a few clicks.

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