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Drone inspections with DJI Enterprise

Drone inspection solutions from DJI Enterprise harness the latest camera technology including thermal and night-vision from an aerial perspective to inspect structures, landscapes or situations for fast and accurate decision-making.

What is a drone inspection?

Drones are a fast and safe way to inspect assets, structures, landscapes and situations from an aerial perspective. By employing thermal and night-vision camera technology, drones can be used to help ground teams to act quickly, decisively and – most importantly – safely.

DJI Enterprise inspection drones can fly safely and for long periods even in harsh conditions and are equipped with cameras which can deliver image data which is unattainable by the human eye – even in low visibility.

DJI Enterprise drones are adding value across several inspection applications, including:

Thermal inspections

Quickly, safely and accurately identify thermal weaknesses and hot-spots which would be impossible for humans to detect without drone technology.

Public safety

Deploying a drone to give ground based teams an “eye in the sky” perspective can help them make better and faster decisions during critical situations.

Search and rescue

Drones with thermal cameras can be used to quickly and safely find lost or stranded people or animals and help to plan safe rescue missions.

Infrastructure inspections

Inspect assets like electricity power lines and gas pipelines which are spread over wide areas, quickly and safely identifying damage, leakages or anomalies.

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How do DJI drones add value during aerial inspections?

Inspection teams are turning to DJI Enterprise drone solutions to conduct inspections faster and more accurately than ever before, unlocking new levels of service to customers and the public.

Thermal insights

Drones can be used to obtain a view from the air which humans can’t independently, and thermal camera technology can help them make fast and informed decisions.

Reduced costs

Save on the cost of equipment and labour by covering larger areas in a single drone flight and automating data collection and analysis with software applications.

Rugged flight performance

Enterprise-grade drones can fly in harsher conditions compared with consumer or even professional-grade models – perfect for responding fast to critical situations.

Discover DJI Enterprise solutions for drone inspections

DJI has a range of commercial-grade drone solutions for conducting safe and smart aerial inspections. Investing in the right drone solution can lead to improved safety, accuracy and decision-making – even in harsh weather or critical situations.

DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise

Mavic 3 Thermal

Everyday commercial inspection drone. Compact, easy to carry and fast to deploy with 48MP wide, 12MP 56x hybrid zoom and 640 x 512 thermal cameras.


Matrice 30T

Rugged commercial-grade inspection drone. Combines foldable design with aviation-grade flight technology for thermal inspections in harsh conditions.


Matrice 350 RTK

Flagship commercial-grade drone inspired by modern aviation systems. Features next-generation video transmission, battery management and flight safety technology.


Zenmuse H30 Series

Flagship all-weather multi-sensor payloads with exceptional zoom (H30) and thermal (H30T) capabilities. Compatible with Matrice 35 RTK drones.

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