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Please select one of the options below:

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Considering using drones in your business? Click the link below to learn how DJI Enterprise solutions can help you find efficiencies from a brand new aerial perspective.

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Want to become an accredited DJI Enterprise reseller? Click the link below to find out how Syndico can help you onboard DJI’s products and accelerate your sales.

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Learn how DJI Enterprise solutions can help you and find a reseller.

I’m a reseller

More information about Syndico and how to join our DJI reseller partner programme.

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Start your DJI drone programme

Are you a drone operator looking to compete in a growing marketplace? Or are you a business looking to gain an edge over your competitors? DJI Enterprise drone solutions are the most innovative, reliable and safe on the market and are designed and built specifically for commercial applications. And through Syndico, you can access the largest network of specialist drone reseller partners in the UK to help you build your DJI drone programme.

Choose DJI Enterprise for your drone operations, and gain a competitive advantage in numerous applications including:



Complete comprehensive surveys of wide areas faster and more cost-effectively than traditional surveying methods, and built highly accurate digital 3D maps of structures and landscapes using DJI Terra.


Inspect structures in great detail from the safety of the ground which would otherwise present a threat to human life, and gain valuable insights which can’t be seen by the human eye using thermal, multispectral and zoom camera technology.

Public safety

Gain vital “eye-in-the-sky” perspectives during critical situations which can aid decision-making by ground teams, reduce response time, reduce threat to human life and even save lives.

Find a DJI reseller

Syndico does not sell directly to end-customers, but we are DJI’s exclusive UK Enterprise distribution partner and we represent DJI’s network of accredited Enterprise resellers. Leave your details below and we will put you in touch with a DJI reseller in your area.

Because you said “I’m a reseller”:

Become an accredited DJI reseller

Are you already a drone reseller, or looking to enter the growing drone market as a reseller? Drones are a hot topic and are becoming extremely popular in key industries including surveying, inspections and public safety. Join our DJI Enterprise reseller programme and help your customers to compete in the drone marketplace with solutions from the world’s leading brand.

Syndico is DJI’s exclusive UK Enterprise distribution partner, and we offer our reseller partners plenty of benefits in order to support their DJI activities:

DJI M300 in Case


We support our reseller partners across their entire operation, including sales, marketing and technical support. When you partner with Syndico, you get all the benefits of dealing directly with the manufacturer but with all the perks of distribution included.

Stock holding

We hold large amounts of stock in our UK warehouse so you don’t have to, and we can offer next-working-day delivery to anywhere in the UK (2 days for Northern Scotland) on orders placed before 4pm.

Pure distributor

We are a pure distributor, which means we only ever sell to our channel partners and never directly to end-users. We’re not just a wholesaler either – we add genuine value to our resellers by delivering first-class sales, marketing, technical and customer service support.

Join our DJI channel partner programme

If you’d like to become an accredited DJI Enterprise reseller, leave your details below and our DJI Enterprise Brand Manager, Andrew Bird, will get in touch with you.