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DJI UK Distributor for Enterprise Drones

Syndico is the authorised DJI UK Wholesale Distributor for Enterprise products. DJI Enterprise drones bring a new perspective to surveying, inspections and emergency service missions, and they help businesses to drive new levels of safety, efficiency and accuracy.

Syndico is the exclusive DJI UK distributor for Enterprise drones. Syndico is an “added-value” distributor, and we offer our partners the best in class technical training, customer service, logistics and sales and marketing support.

What exactly is a “drone”?


A drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle (commonly abbreviated as “UAV”), which is an aircraft without any human pilot, crew or passengers on board.

Commercial or Enterprise drones are more commonly being used by businesses in key sectors like construction, engineering, public safety, agriculture and many more. By using drone technology, businesses can gain an edge edge by allowing them to survey, inspect and analyse buildings, structures, environments and situations from an aerial perspective with ease.

The use of drones for commercial purposes can produce huge efficiency, accuracy and safety gains, as well as delivering significant cost-savings over both short and long-term periods. Common applications for commercial drones include aerial photography, surveying, inspections, precision agriculture, urban planning and development, environmental monitoring, agricultural management and more.


Discover our range of DJI Enterprise Drones

Our DJI Enterprise drone solutions are powerful and robust. Because they employ state-of-the-art technology across their entire range of hardware and software products, DJI drones can help businesses everywhere to work smarter and more efficiently.

Syndico is an authorised stockist of Enterprise drones for DJI in the UK.

Pictured: Matrice 350 RTK

DJI Enterprise Drones

Commercial-grade drones give businesses a platform to work more efficiently and profitably than ever before.

Mavic 3 Enterprise
Mavic 3 Thermal
Matrice 30
Matrice 30T
Matrice 300 RTK
Matrice 350 RTK (NEW)
DJI Dock
DJI Dock 2 (NEW)

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Pictured: Zenmuse H30T

DJI Enterprise Payloads

Enterprise payloads enable users to survey and inspect structures, assets and landscapes from the air and at a safe distance.

Zenmuse H30 Series (NEW)
Zenmuse H20
Zenmuse L2
Zenmuse P1

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Pictured: DJI Terra

DJI Enterprise Software

A range of powerful software applications can be used to manage enterprise drone missions and process vast data instantly.

DJI Terra
DJI FlightHub 2

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By utilising cutting edge camera, flight and data transmission technology, DJI Enterprise drones can help individuals, businesses and public service organisations to work faster, smarter and more efficiently. Furthermore, drones help organisations to boost safety by allowing their people to obtain accurate information from dangerous places and hazardous environments without lifting a foot off the ground.


Harness thermal and night-vision technology to inspect structures, landscapes or situations for fast and accurate decision-making – even in poor visibility.


Undertake surveys with a new level of ease, collecting accurate and comprehensive results in significantly less time compared with traditional methods.

Emergency Services

Obtain “big-picture” aerial views of emergency situations which can aid decision-making, improve response coordination and keep the public safe.

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