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Boosting team communication and customer experience with VoCoVo

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Many small businesses offering take-out food service are currently thriving, but don’t know have the tools to help their team work in the efficient, effective way which is required.


This was the problem that Shaw’s Fish and Chips owner, Mike Shaw, was looking to address before he invested in a VoCoVo solution.

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Shaw’s is one of Barnsley’s favourite fish & chip shops, and invested in a VoCoVo system in 2020.

Shaw was worried that his staff’s lack of efficiency, alongside them shouting over the noisy kitchen equipment, would impact on his customers’ experience. Now that his staff can communicate instantly without shouting or running back-and-forth, Shaw has described the results as “fantastic”!

Accordng to Shaw, “a noisy kitchen environment and noisy front of house meant that chefs and customer service had to shout to each other over equipment to communicate. This impacted on our customers’ experience as they could hear all of this noise.”

Shaw approached VoCoVo partner Speak-IT Solutions to resolve their communication issues. After a recommendation to use VoCoVo Headsets, members of the Shaw’s team can now effectively communicate across the whole premises in full duplex (two-way) at the touch of a button without shouting or running back-and-forth.

Commenting on the impact of  the headsets on their operation, Shaw said: “The VoCoVo system is simple, easy to use and works brilliantly. The team at Speak-IT Solutions are very knowledgeable and supplied us with a great product. It has totally stopped all the shouting, it’s fantastic!”

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Many businesses have the exact same problems that Shaw identified, and simply aren’t aware of them. Especially at the moment, when coordinating queuing and waiting customers is more important and difficult than ever, VoCoVo is a cost-effective system that can give businesses a vital hand both in the short and long-term.

If you are interested in VoCoVo, get in contact with our VoCoVo Brand Manager Kane Brewer on 01489 287 287, at or book a meeting with him at a convenient time.

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