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3M Peltor Headsets

Thousands of employers risk breaking the law by not providing workers with adequate hearing protection. Syndico is proud to be an authorised 3M distribution partner, specialising in 3M Peltor Communication headsets.

3M Peltor is a major name for both communication and hearing protection solutions. Their innovative products allow users in many sectors, environments and disciplines to work smartly whilst being completely safe and connected.

Syndico specialises in distribution of 3M Peltor’s communication headsets and passive noise protection products, holding substantial stock across both ranges. The “Flex” range of heavy-duty headsets has become the gold standard for users across many different sectors thanks to their flexibility in both radio connection and wearing options, whereas the “LiteCom” headsets, which have integrated two-way radio functionality, have become very popular with users who need to minimise the amount of equipment they carry whilst on a job.

With 3M Peltor you can work smarter, not harder

Did you know that many common workplace sounds exceed 85dB, the noise at which hearing protection becomes mandatory? Furthermore, if you remove your hearing protection for a total of 30 minutes during an 8 hour shift your protection is reduced by 60%.

Wearing hearing protection in hazardous environments not only protects the user themselves, but everyone around them and their organisation’s vital assets.


Communication headsets

The complete solution for workers who need to protect their hearing but rely on communication with colleagues. 3M Peltor headsets can integrate with two-way radios (Flex Headset), offer high attenuation for severely loud environments (High Attenuation Flex Headset), or act as a stand-alone two-way radio built into a heavy-dury headset (LiteCom headset).

Active hearing protection

Active hearing protection significantly reduces the impact of harmful noise, whilst allowing ambient sounds to be heard at a level below 82dB. For workers relying on close-proximity communication with colleagues, it increases the ability to react to warning signals, approaching vehicles or sounds in machines and processes. Active hearing protection headsets can be connected to a smartphone via 3.5mm jack (ProTac) or have built-in FM radios (WorkTunes).

Passive hearing protection

Passive hearing protection attenuates up to 37dB (X5A & X5P3) in extremely high-noise environments without electronic noise-cancelling technology. 3M Peltor passive hearing protection headsets are designed for user comfort in mind and cater for environments presenting different levels of noise. Users can also connect to a smartphone with the Wireless Accessory whilst maintaining protection from their X-Series headset.

Versaflo respirator

The Versaflo series from 3M Peltor has become commonplace for users whose breathing may be affected by their working environment. The M-306 helmet offers respiratory, eye, face and head protection, essential for areas where hard hats are mandatory. Its general purpose face-seal is ideal for users in the construction, chemical applications and heavy industry sectors looking for next-level protection.

Want more information on 3M Peltor products?

Our team are trained in all the latest products and technologies from our supplier partners, and would be happy to help. We are a specialist trade-only distributor, so if you are interested in 3M Peltor products to use rather than resell, we will introduce you to one of our authorised reseller partners.